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Instant Replacement

We want you to enjoy using your new product for years to come. Your manufacturer’s product guarantee provides cover for mechanical and electrical breakdown but will be limited to a year and may not cover parts or accidental damage.

One of the best ways of protecting your product from now and in the future is with an Instant Replacement agreement for products costing between £20 and £150. Instant Replacement protects your product for up to 3 years, so that if it breaks down we’ll replace it on the spot.

Key benefits:

  • If it breaks we’ll replace it
  • A new one on the spot
  • Breakdown through mishaps
  • Worldwide protection

Ask yourself these few simple questions:

  • Will you take your camera out of the home and abroad often?

  • Do you want a new product straight away if it’s not working?

  • Will you be using your camera in all kinds of environments

  • If required, would you want an experienced engineer to fix your camera?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, don’t leave things to chance; Instant Replacement will give you the assurance you need should anything go wrong your product will be replaced right away.

Instant Replacement protects your product for up to 3 years. See the table below for the key benefits of the plan:

Benefits at a glance

Instant Replacment

If it breaks we’ll replace it
No expensive charges for repairs – we’ll just give you a new one.
A new one on the spot
No delays, no lengthy claims, no paperwork - just your receipt.
Breakdown through mishaps
Because incidents do happen, even to the most careful of us!
Protection for 3 years
Most products come with a 1 year guarantee as standard – Instant Replacement™ gives you 3 years.
No limits
You are entitled to as many new replacement products as necessary within the 3 years of your agreement.
No fault - no charge
If no fault is found we won't charge.
Worldwide protection
If you take your product abroad, it's still protected.

*7 day maximum repair time starts from the date of the engineer’s first visit.

Instant Replacement protects the products under £150 for up to 3 years. See the table below for details:


Product PriceeReaders Cameras, Camcorders, Portable Audio* Vacuum Cleaners Other products
£20 - £40.99 £10 £10 -£10
£41 - £60.99 £17 £15 £12 £12
£61 - £80.99 £25 £20 £16£15
£81 - £100.99 £34 £25 £23£20
£101 - £120.99 £39 £30 £34£25
£121 - £150.99 £44 £35 £39£30

*Excludes Apple iPods


Protect your product Instant Replacement:

Just add Instant Replacement to your order at the checkout