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Create and game with serious performance with the Intel® Core i7-4790K 1150 Processor. Hyper-Threading Intel® Hyper-Threading doubles the amount of tasks the processor can handle. Each core can process two threads of information at once,... Find out more
The Intel® Core™ i5-4690K Processor delivers the speed you need for creating media and gaming. TurboBoost technology ups the processing speed to an impressive 3.9 GHz when you're pushing your PC hard. This quad-core Core™ i5-4690K... Find out more
Unlocked for overclocking, the AMD FX-8370 Black Edition CPU delivers the speed you need for high-end gaming and professional media creation. This octa-core desktop processor features Turbo Core technology that helps to boost processing speeds... Find out more
From gaming to professional design, the Intel® Core™ i7-4790 Processor is built for high performance computing.Hyper-ThreadingIntel® Hyper-Threading doubles up the amount of tasks the processor can handle. Each core can process two threads... Find out more
Take your PC's performance to new heights or build a powerful PC from scratch with the AMD FX 8350 AM3+ Black Edition Processor. 8-Core Multitasking With 8 cores working in unison the FX 8350 Black Edition gives market leading performance to... Find out more
The AMD A6 7400K APU lets you play harder and work smarter.Accelerated processing unitStay more productive with the AMD A6 7400K, which runs quickly and efficiently thanks to a high 3.9 GHz clock speed.An accelerated processing unit (APU) combines... Find out more
Introducing the AMD A10 7850K APU – featuring AMD's Radeon R7 graphics, TrueAudio Technology2 and evolutionary HSA architecture.One of the most revolutionary processors on the market, the A10 is capable of taking on just about anything you throw... Find out more

If you’re looking to build your own PC, or upgrade your current one, it’s vital that you choose the correct components to suit your requirements.

Getting the right PC processor can appear confusing at first with so many options from big name manufacturers such as Intel and ASUS. If you’re upgrading then it’s vital to ensure that your new processor is compatible with your machine, and that you install it carefully, making sure you line up the pins precisely. If you’re building or upgrading for gaming then a specific gaming processor could be the ideal choice.

When it comes to graphic cards, the first port of call is to ensure that the outputs on offer match the outputs you’ll need. The majority of graphic cards will all come with an HDMI and DVI output, but not all will come with a VGA or a Display Port. In terms of clock speed, the higher the speed the faster your graphics card will be if the measured against the same core speed (MHz or GHz).

If you’re upgrading to make your PC more powerful then you may need to consider investing in a new power unit to cope with the added load, as a PC which is working harder than before could need a greater cooling capability. Take a look at our power supplies, which can be as crucial to your build or upgrade as the key components themselves.

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