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Top features: - Rich, deep colour with a high level of brightness - Functional features with integrated speakers and easy connectivity Rich, deep colour Project your presentations or lessons at any time of day with the Optoma DS349 Long... Find out more
Top features: - 3D ready for bright, immersive imagery - Straightforward connectivity with microSD and a HDMI port 3D readyThe Optoma ML750e Portable Projector produces images bursting with life and colour, so no matter what you're presenting or... Find out more
Top features: - High quality imagery for professional presentations - Easy to use with flexible connectivity options High quality imagery Add vibrant colour and clarity to your work presentations with a bright output which can still be seen in a... Find out more
Top features: - High quality Full HD images with 3D capabilities - Straightforward connectivity with support for Amazon Fire and Apple TV High quality Full HD images Delivering true to life, Full HD image reproduction with 3D compatibility,... Find out more
Top features:- Fill the room with an impressive Full HD display- Control your projector using your smartphone- Convert standard 2D images into 3D- Watch video from your mobile Android device on the big screenFill the room with a huge Full HD... Find out more
Top features: - 100" HD images for great quality in any space - Convenient connections for connecting your games console or PC - 3D projection for immersive imagery 100” HD imagesExperience incredible HD projection at home with the Optoma... Find out more
Top features: - Create your own home cinema with Full HD projection - Suitable for naturally light or dark rooms - Project to an impressive 300” Create your own home cinema Trips to the movies could soon become a thing of the past with... Find out more
Top features: - Project big screen images up to 120” in size - Five hour battery life lets you take the entertainment with you - Watch content from Full HD sources, smartphones and gaming consoles Project big screen images The... Find out more
The pocket-sized Philips PicoPix PPX4935 Portable Projector is the ultimate multimedia device when you're on the go.Pocket companionThe PicoPix features a built-in rechargeable battery, which gives you up to two hours of continuous use. Play... Find out more
Top features: - Take the big screen with you and project images up to 100” in size - Built in 2.5 hour battery and reliable 30,000 hour lamp life - Transfer wirelessly to Android devices or speakers using Bluetooth - Watch movies from a... Find out more
Top features: - Large projections up to 120" for any surface - Easily connected with HDMI compatibility and SD memory card reader - Perfectly portable with a slim, lightweight design and internal battery Large projectionsPerfect for displaying... Find out more
Top features:- Full HD projection up to an impressive 332”- 3D viewing with 3LCD technology- Sharp images thanks to high dynamic contrast ratio- Great connectivity with a range of connectionsBring all your favourite TV, films and sports into... Find out more
Top features:  - Rich, immersive colour with a Full HD resolution - Project up to 300” with a short throw option for smaller spaces - Wireless sound with a range of connectivity Rich, immersive colour Enjoy a truly unique gaming... Find out more
Top features: - Convenient wireless projection from PCs, smartphones or tablets - Long-lasting LED lamp saves you money on replacement parts - USB plug and play presentations or entertainment Convenient wireless projection Keep things simple... Find out more
Top features:  - Amazing colours and rich contrast  - Energy saving features to reduce power consumption  - Easy to set up for any occasion  Amazing colours Whether you want to project a TV show, sporting event, work presentation or your... Find out more
Top features: - Full HD quality content creates a detailed image - 3LCD creates an image three times brighter than DLP projectors - Project up to 300" for any screen or room size - Convenient carry case makes it simple to transport the... Find out more
Top features:- Large, clear display provides 41” display at just one metre - Ultra-portable with three hours battery life Consider the highly capable Asus S1 Portable Projector for quality imaging on the go, idea for use in the office or your... Find out more
Top features: - True to life colour with high contrast - Energy saving features with Eco mode  - Helpful features for everyday use  True to life colour Incorporating colour processing technology, the Optoma S321 brings realistic colours to... Find out more
Top features:- Get a home cinema experience in Full HD picture quality- Enjoy your projector in limited space thanks to a short throw lens- Plug in a games console via a HDMI cable for big screen gaming- Dust shield protects the lens for a clearer... Find out more
Top features: - Project to an impressive 300” - Suitable for meeting rooms with natural light - High contrast imageryfor brighter whites and richer black tones Project to an impressive 300” The versatility of the Acer X125H Long Throw... Find out more

If you want to relax in the comfort of your very own home cinema then look no further than a tv projector, which in recent years have become super-affordable, compact and brimming with features.

Many come with HDMI standard inputs and resolution, giving you the ultimate display. A projector will also be measured in lumens, which quite simply rate how bright the projector is, and therefore the quality of the display.

If you’re looking for something to carry around with you then our range of portable projectors is ideal. Small, lightweight and obviously portable, they make a perfect partner for a businessman on the move or a creative who needs to bring designs to life. Portables come in a variety of sizes, from palmtop or pocket sized, to larger, brighter models which are still very portable.

For a good idea of the top spec projectors you can buy, take a look at our variety of Epson projectors, which have some of the largest possible screen sizes on the market at over 300 maximum inches in super-sharp resolution.

Whether you’re looking for a fully fledged home cinema or a pocket-sized portable projector, our range has something to suit everyone to take your display to the next level.

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