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Here’s where you’ll find affordable desktop PCs, monitors and projectors from all the top brands including Advent, Packard Bell, HP and Acer.

Our range of monitors includes PC monitors with TV tuners that provide access to more than 50 TV channels. With sizes ranging from 18.5" to 30," and from leading brands like Samsung, LG, Dell and Apple, your desktop’s visuals will be able to compete with those of an HD TV .

If space is an issue, try our space-saving or all-in-one PCs which cut down on bulk with integrated components. Our range also includes the ever-popular Apple desktops.

For avid gamers, we have fantastic gaming PCs with futuristic designs and powerful hard-drives. These performance-oriented gaming PCs feature top-end video and graphics cards and huge amounts of RAM, with adjustable settings to create the ultimate gaming experience.

Treat family and friends to the ultimate home cinema experience or impress work colleagues with first-class multimedia presentations using a top quality projector from the PC World range.

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