Get more out your PC with Intel® Inside.

Intel® is constantly striving to make your computing experience easier, faster and more intuitive. With a range of features built into different devices, the future is at your fingertips, literally!

Exceptional Performance

Intel® Core i3 Processor

  • Quick and reliable home computing
  • Perfect for responsive everyday computing
  • Efficient power consumption for great battery life

Intel® Core i5 Processor

  • Fast everyday processing for every requirement
  • Features TurboBoost for adaptive performance and efficiency
  • Perfect for entry-level gaming and design

Intel® Core i7 Processor

  • High-performance processing for demanding tasks
  • Perfect for gaming, design and multimedia editing
  • Multithreading for effective multitasking

Intel® Xeon Processor

intel xeon

The heart of modern data centres and ultra-high performance PCs, Intel® Xeon™ Processors deliver unparalleled, professional performance across the board. Whether you need undiluted performance for expansive creative projects or need complete reliability for a data centre, you can put your trust in Intel® Xeon™.

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  • Ultimate power for specialist computing
  • Perfect for professional design, music creation and media editing
  • Undiluted performance for serious computing

Reliable Performance

Intel® Celeron® Processor

The Intel® Celeron® Processor features integrated graphics for HD playback and features low power consumption for reliable entry-level computing.

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  • Reliable entry-level computing
  • Perfect for web-browsing and general use
  • Low power consumption for improved battery life

Intel® Pentium® Processor

Great value, reliable Intel® performance. Featuring integrated graphics for HD playback, a Pentium® processor is the perfect introduction to high-tech Intel® performance and ideal for word processing, web browsing and catching up with friends online.

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  • Great value Intel® performance
  • Perfect for word processing, internet use and social networking
  • Integrated graphics for detailed daily computing

Intel® Atom® Processor

Compact, efficient and featuring integrated graphics, the Intel® Atom™ Processor provides reliable performance for effective mobile computing.

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  • Reliable Intel® processing for portable devices
  • Perfect for tablets and mobile computing
  • Integrated graphics for improved visuals on the move

Built in beauty

Intel® iris

intel iris

Perfect for quick and reliable home computing. Work and play with ease thanks to built-in security features, efficient power use and vibrant visuals that keep your daily computing fast, fun and safe.

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    Intel® Iris graphics bring you a built-in, eye-popping visual experience — no extra graphics card required.