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The lowest ink replacement costs in the UK 1

Kodak Save on ink
Don't let the cost of ink compromise your coursework

Kodak all-in-one printers are different. You pay a little more for the printer but much less to replace the inks. Kodak's are the lowest ink replacement costs in the UK, which means you can now afford to print what you like, when you like.

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Graph showing average total ink replacement against Kodak

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Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi Direct

All Kodak Printers have Wi-Fi connectivity, but the ESP 3.2s has an exciting new technology. Wi-Fi Direct enables the Kodak ESP 3.2s printer to connect to other Wi-Fi devices by creating its own hotspot, without the need for a home network. In partnership with the Kodak mobile print apps it makes printing photos from your phone quick and easy.

Print from anywhere
print from anywhere

Whatever device you use, you can print documents and photos from your smartphone, tablet or computer. That's because all Kodak printers have email print and are Google Cloud Print ready so you can print what you like, where you like.

mobile print apps

We've made our printers even easier to use thanks to two free printing apps.

Kodak Pic Flick lets you you print photos from your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile devices via Wi-Fi.

Kodak's Document Print App lets you print files and web pages from any web connected Android device.

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mobile print apps

1 As compared to leading consumer inkjet printers using original manufacturers'recommended standard ink cartridges available in single quantity pricing (i.e. no multi-packs, high capacity, combo packs, value packs or special promotions). Based on independent third party price survey data obtained in May 2012. For more information, visit www.kodak.com/go/inkdata.