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LG are known for making high-end TVs that are affordable and stylish. LG Televisions are deliver accurate colours and superior picture quality regardless of whether you choose LED, OLED or Plasma screen.

If you want to take your home cinema set-up to a whole new level, an LG Television is the way to go. You’ll experience unrivalled detail and an unbeatable sharpness when you add an LG TV to your living room or bedroom. Your family will want to watch all their favourite movies and TV shows together when the picture is this good.

If you want stunning visuals that are four times more detailed than 1080p HD, then chose an Ultra HD OLED TV from LG. The high definition looks incredible and thanks to the reduced blurring, a 4k OLED LG TV is especially good for watching fast paced sports like football and rugby or sci-fi and action films.

If you’re looking for something even more affordable, check out the complete range of Samsung TVs and you’re sure to find something that fits your budget. And when you want a brand you can trust, try taking a look at our range of Sony televisions.

Whether you watch documentaries, movies or sports or you simply want to enhance the games you play on your console, an LG TV is ideal.

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