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Top features: - Enjoy lag free gaming to gain the edge over your opponents - High quality audio helps to enhance your gaming experience - Faster, smoother gameplay with the benefit of surge protection Enjoy lag free gamingThe 970 PRO GAMING/AURA... Find out more
Top features: - Boost performance with Pro Clock overclocking - Customise the appearance of your setup with AURA lighting control - Get full support for 3D printing - Process sound more accurately than ever for a more immersive experience... Find out more
Top features: - SupremeFX 2015 delivers quality audio - 5-Way Optimisation with just a single click - UEFI BIOS is ideal for overclocking - RAMCache boosts how quickly your game loads SupremeFX 2015The MAXIMUS IX HERO Motherboard provides you... Find out more

Upgrade your PC with a new motherboard and see what a difference it makes to your day-to-day computing experience. Gaming is faster and better when you have superior processing power on your side.

When you play games on your PC there’s no time for lag. Adding a new motherboard is the fastest way to beef up your gaming rig and take your PC to a whole new level. You’ll also notice the huge boost a new motherboard can give when you need to render video or perform other processing-heavy tasks.

A new motherboard not only increases processing power, it will also make your PC more stable and less likely to crash. Each motherboard is specifically designed to enhance the power and performance of your PC no matter what you want to do with it. And upgrading your PC won’t break the bank, as you can easily find a cheap motherboard in our collection.

Our Asus motherboards are fast and reliable and our full range of pc components is also well worth taking a look at.

Whether you’re building a PC from the ground up or you want to enhance your current PC, a new mother board is ideal.

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