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All About Networking
Choose networking solutions from PC World for simple and convenient ways to create a network at home or in the office. Here, you’ll find wireless routers for BT, cable wireless routers, wireless cards and adapters, media streamers, Powerline home networking, wired networking, modems and home security.

Creating a wired or wireless network at home or your office allows you quick and secure access to the internet and to download/upload data through your network to the internet or to other compatible devices. You can now achieve fast networking speeds by taking advantage of the latest technology from our selection of wireless routers, modems and wireless cards and adapters. Or you can choose one of our Powerline home networking products to transfer files and access other PCs and printers from a simple plug adaptor.

Our media streamers let you view content from your home television to wherever you are in the world on your laptop or mobile phone.