Everything you need to kickstart the new term Everything you need to kickstart the new term

Advice and Inspiration

Advice and Inspiration

Lesson 1

Choosing the right tech for you

Not sure where to start? We've got lots of help and advice on what to look for so you get the tech that's perfect for you.

Buying Guide

Tempted by a tablet?

Could taking a tablet with you make everything better? Discover all you need to know about these light and portable marvels.

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Watch | Desktop, laptop or tablet?
Which is right for you? These computers all have their plus points. We'll take you through the options

Watch | Which tablet is best?
So many types of tablet - which should you choose? iOS, Android or Windows? Our video will help you decide.

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Buying Guide

Thinking about a laptop?

Do you need to do serious work while you're out and about? Our guide explains all you should know when choosing a laptop.

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Lesson 3

Getting the most from your tech

Once you've found your perfect hardware you'll want to make the most of all it has to offer. Here are some great ideas to get you going.

Watch | My Desktop Story
Fancy a little quiz? Meet two people who use their Windows 8 desktops to complement their lifestyles. Can you guess what they do based on their choices?

Watch Josh's story

Watch Stevie's story

Watch | Need a great internet connection at home or out and about? Our video guide explains the options

Watch | Backing up the smart way
What's the best way to store your data online? Here's the Knowhow from one of our experts.

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Break Time!

Student survival guide

What's the best way to be prepared if you're off to college or uni this year? Check out our guides for inspiration.

Watch | Get up and go, as Jon Bentley from The Gadget Show takes you through his top smartphone apps and tips for when you're out and about

Watch | Got your computer sorted? What else might you need? Here's our guide to some of our favourite student friendly gadgets you won't want to be without (view gadgets below )

Watch | Jon Bentley from The Gadget Show shows off his favourite apps for the home and kitchen.

Watch 'home apps and advice'

Watch 'kitchen apps and advice'

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