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SSDs are more Reliable and Durable

Solid State Drives feature NAND flash mounted on a circuit boards unlike hard drives which have moving parts making HDDs more susceptible to damage in portable devices.

SSDs are faster

Because they have up to 100x more throughput than 15K RPM spinning hard drive disks, SSDs allow more to get done in less time for a state-of-the-art computing experience. Boot up quicker, open applications in half the time, and transfer files faster than you thought possible.

SSDs are more responsive

Systems with SSDs feel snappier and more responsive thanks to their incredibly fast access latencies. While HDDs are fastest when the data you want is in the vicinity of the read/write heads, all parts of a SSD are accessed the same way…fast.

SSDs are more responsive

SSDs are more responsive

With no moving parts, SSDs are able to stay cooler and quieter and because of their architecture weigh much less than hard drives

SSDs are more responsive

Significantly more HDDs are required to complete the same amount of Input/Outputs