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While mobiles may have stolen the limelight in recent years don’t underestimate the technological leaps and bounds made by the humble home phone. Today’s telephones come in all manner of shapes and sizes and many boast an array of exciting new functions that elevate them far beyond the simple corded telephone of old.

Our extensive telephone collection includes the latest BT telephones and models that range from Gigaset’s sophisticated, design award winning cordless phones, which offer a multitude of clever features and super sleek looks, to reassuringly familiar, extremely cost effective no fuss corded home phones like the Logik L02CTEL10.

Telephone sets allow you to equip your whole home or office with matching cordless phones, meaning you can stay in touch wherever you are, while speakerphones give you even more flexibility, allowing effortless hands-free phone conversations. Perfect if you're working on a computer whilst taking a call, for example.

Our home phone range also includes the latest Panasonic telephones, some of which offer features like built in answering machines and phonebooks, colour screens, speakerphones and an impressive 300m range.

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