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NINTENDO Mario Kart 8 - for Wii U
  • Age minimum 3+
  • Racing
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With the exciting new Mario Kart 8 for Wii U from Nintendo, you get a classic family racing game that lifts you off the ground and drives you up the wall - in the best way possible.Defying the laws of physicsExperience the thrilling world of anti-gravity racing with Mario Kart 8, which lets you race up vertical walls and across ceilings. In this way, each course becomes an incredible three-dimensional experience.It incorporates the familiar feel of the beloved Mario Kart series, but with an... Find out more

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The Nintendo Wii has revolutionised gaming; experience the revolution for yourself with our range of Wii consoles and Wii hardware packages, Wii accessories and Wii games. Even greater technology is available with the Wii Motion Plus, which accurately maps your movements in 3D space and copies them onto the screen, so you really feel like you''''''''re part of the game. No other games console allows you to be more interactive.

Compete against your friends and family in Wii sports; boogie away with Just Dance; or even top the charts in Wii Guitar Hero or Wii Rock Band. Sociable, innovative and fun, no experience is off-limits.

The Wii is also perfect for anyone who wants to get into shape. Improve your stamina, tone up or burn fat. The Wii Fit Plus will test your fitness and devise a personal exercise plan to improve your performance over time.