EA Titanfall

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  • Age minimum 18+
  • First-person shooter
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Stride into battle on a war torn planet in the stunning Titanfall. Co-created by Respawn, of Call of Duty fame, you can expect fast-paced futuristic warfare that lets you make the decisions in an award-winning game that revolutionises first-person online multiplay.

Once more unto the breach...

On a planet torn apart by war, Titanfall launches you into battle in an entirely multiplayer environment, where you can choose to follow a storyline or engage in all-out war with multiplayer battles. Combining the individuality of single player modes and the fast pace of multiplayer gaming, this game has an identity all of its own.

You'll be able to change tactics as you go - flee and make your escape or drive headfirst into battle in this reimagining of combat games.

In the middle of this stunning and cinematic scene, you'll be able to choose how to go to battle. Slip into the elite assault pilot gear to nimbly leap, sprint and double-jump through the city, allowing you to run along wall and make death-defying dives into the combat.

Man vs. machine

Alternatively, you can clamber into one of the giant 24 ft heavily armoured Titans, which can take more damage whilst sacrificing manoeuvrability. Jump aboard the faster moving Stryder Titans, which are free from heavy armour, or tank your way through the fight in the heavy-plated Ogre. Eject when your Titan takes too much damage and alter your battle-plans on the move.

With a range of technologies and gameplay styles to choose from, find your place in the battle in the spectacular Titanfall.

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Genre FPS
Minimum age 18+
Publisher Respawn
Game modes Multiplayer
Operating system Windows 7, XP
Processor requirements Minimum: Celeron E1500 2.2 GHz dual-core processor, Athlon 64 X2 dual core 4800+ processor
Memory requirements Minimum: 2 GB
Hard drive requirements Minimum: 10 GB
Other requirements - Minimum graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330, AMD Radeon HD 3600 series
- DirectX 9