SONY Battlefield 4 - for PS4

  • FPS
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Online multiplayer
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Featuring a thrilling new single-player campaign and exciting improvements to the renowned multiplayer mode, Battlefield 4 is the most awe-inspiring edition of the highly acclaimed series yet.

Frostbite 3

Battlefield 4
introduces the all-new Frostbite 3 engine. Designed to deliver unmatched realism and immersion, it features the latest generation of emotion capture, lighting and ambient physics to depict environments and characters that act more realistically than ever.

Stunning visuals and incredible audio fidelity immerse you in action like never before. From the single player campaign that spans China and Azerbaijan to the vast multiplayer battles the series is known for, Battlefield 4 has never looked or played better.

Featuring improvements on the previous games destructible environments, Battlefield 4's vast, aggressive battlefields change and mould as the war develops, meaning no two matches are ever the same.

Play your way

You can play anyway you choose in both single and multiplayer modes thanks to expansive locations and multiple warfare varieties, so whether you prefer to go in guns blazing with a tank full of soldiers or take the subtle approach with a silenced sniper rifle, Battlefield 4 lets you play to your strengths.

Next-gen technology adds whole new dimensions to vehicular combat and lets you dominate on land, air and in the all-new water-based combat never seen in an FPS before.

With an immersive mix of next-generation physics and gameplay, Battlefield 4 pushes the PS4 to its limits to deliver the ultimate current-gen first person shooting experience.

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Genre FPS
Platform PS4
Minimum age 18+
Publisher EA
Single player Yes
Multiplayer Yes