SONY Destiny - for PS4

  • Age minimum 16+
  • First-person shooter
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From the creators of Halo comes Sony's Destiny for PS4, a futuristic action adventure that spans time and space as you battle to defend mankind from the alien threat.

The Traveller

Set 700 years into the future, mankind has flourished and explored the solar system. Using information provided by the mysterious Traveller, a giant celestial sphere that hangs in the atmosphere above Earth, man has colonised the moon, Mars and Jupiter.

But something went wrong and "the Collapse" heralded the end of mankind's Golden Age and left humans on the brink of extinction with hostile aliens claiming the colonies with their sights set on Earth.

Now, shielded within the Travellers protective shadow, Earth's last city, home to the Guardians, is the only hope for investigating and ultimately destroying the extra-terrestrial threat.

Space Wizardry

You take control of a Guardian, with the option to team up with a range of different characters to help you in your travels. Choose from Hunters, Titan's and Warlocks, depending on which particular style of space wizardry you want to employ.

Defend yourself with a range of futuristic weapons and use stealth and tactics as you work together to push back the alien invasion.

Expansive gameplay

Featuring an enthralling storyline, a huge cast of characters, as well as cooperative gameplay and a massive online platform, Destiny has plenty to keep gamers engaged.

Harnessing the PS4's staggering processing power to provide beautifully rendered wide open arenas for you to stage mankind's last stand, gamers will really feel a part of the action.

From Earth's shattered wastelands to the abandoned Martian colonies, from the Forbidden Zone of the Earth's Moon to the dense jungle landscapes of Jupiter, every frame draws you in for an incredible immersive gaming experience.

Battle the hoards of alien foes and discover the secrets of the past to preserve mankind's future with fantastic graphics and thoroughly immersive gameplay in the epic Sony Destiny for PlayStation 4.

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Platform PlayStation 4
Genre First-person shooter
Minimum age 16+
Publisher Sony