MICROSOFT Xbox One Wireless Controller & Play and Charge Kit

  • Impulse triggers
  • Redesigned D-pad
  • Expansion port
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Product details

With a next generation console comes a next generation controller. Taking inspiration from the original and hugely popular Xbox 360 gamepad, and coming with a rechargeable battery pack, the new Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller & Play and Charge Kit has been redesigned with over 40 improvements to ensure you experience the very pinnacle of in game control.

Quality and comfort

Designed for gamers of all types, the gamepad will sit comfortably in a wide range of hand sizes and provides an unparalleled level of response and feedback. With redesigned thumb sticks and an all new D-Pad, controlling the action has never been easier.

Precise, accurate and ultra-responsive, the controls on the Xbox One Wireless Controller have been optimised to accommodate all types of movement; from sweeping D-pad gestures, to pixel perfect directional control, making it perfect for all game types and genres.

New impulse triggers help to bring an incredible level of realism to your gaming experience – precise vibration feedback is delivered directly to your fingers helping you to become fully immersed with what's taking place on screen.

Play your way

Taking advantage of a new wireless radio standard that allows faster data transfer to the console, your inputs will be executed at lightning fast speed. A 30-foot range means you can play in comfort from wherever you want in the room.

An expansion port is built in, allowing other devices such as headsets to be easily connected in seconds.

Say bye to buying batteries

Saving you money by eliminating the need to buy disposable batteries, the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit is the ideal addition to your wireless controller.

Reaching a full charge in just 4 hours, you can recharge whilst playing or even while your console is on standby. Simply connect your controller up to your Xbox One via the supplied USB cable while the pack is inserted and it'll start charging up.

An LED indicator on the cable will let you know the status of the battery and when it's done, you're free to go wire free again for hours of gaming fun

Innovative, improved and delivering excellent performance, the Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller & Play and Charge Kit brings you everything you'd expect from next generation technology and lets you carry on gaming without the need to swap out batteries.

Product code: 058463

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Type Gamepad and rechargeable battery pack
Compatible platforms Xbox One
Colour Black
Vibration Yes