MICROSOFT Dead Rising 3 - for Xbox One

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  • Survival horror
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Product details

Ten years on from the events in Fortune City, zombies are once again causing havoc in North America – this time in the city of Los Perdidos.  Take control of Nick Ramos in Dead Rising 3 for  Xbox One as he struggles to find a way to survive and escape an impending air strike in the biggest instalment of the Dead Rising series to date.

A whole city to explore

Taking place in a massive open world environment, search, scavenge and fight your way through relentless hordes of the undead and attempt to find ever more inventive and effective ways to repel the zombified former residents of the city.

With no loading screens and a massive area to explore, ingenuity is the name of the game – take control of vehicles and mow your way through crowds of the undead to get where you need to go, but beware; try to smash through too many of them and they'll start clinging to your car, forcing you to fight them off and take evasive action.

Build a better weapon

Hunt down and find blueprints that allow you to create devastating weapons and increase your efficiency in slaughtering the living dead. Combine a sledgehammer and chainsaw to unleash a mighty sledge-saw, while dousing a sword in lighter fluid allows you to brandish a flaming blade that will have you chopping through zombies with rampant abandon.

They can hear you

Utilising the power of the Xbox One, experience cutting edge graphics and with built-in kinnect functionality, be careful of shouting out too loudly as you make your way through the city – if you make too much noise sitting on the sofa, the zombies will notice and react accordingly.

Compatible with Microsoft's new Smart Glass app, you can use your smart phone to interact with the game as well – look up the location of the nearest weapon cache, or call in an air-strike if you're getting overwhelmed; the Xbox One offers a whole new level of interactivity when it comes to playing games.

Hack, smash, chop, run and drive your way through Los Perdidos in a desperate attempt to stay alive in Dead Rising 3: have you got what it takes to be a survivor?   

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Platform Xbox One
Genre Survival horror
Publisher Microsoft