ZONE ALARM SocialGuard 2012

  • Compatible with Windows
  • Full edition
  • CD
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Product details

Look after your kids and keep your computer protected with the Zone Alarm SocialGuard 2012 for your PC.

Caring for children

With Facebook becoming more and more popular with the younger generation they can be potentially exposed to some scary elements online, SocialGuard 2012 offers you peace and mind with secure protection.

SocialGuard scans millions of records, determining threats and warnings as it keeps you updated to the very minute, wherever you are through texts and email alerts.

Danger detection

Lurking strangers are monitored and untoward activity can feed data to you, allowing you to intervene if deemed necessary through blocking and deletion.

It is not just strangers that are addressed, monitoring of cyberbullying and harmful words is carefully tracked, flagging issues that may go unnoticed otherwise.

Your children do still get privacy however, you can customise settings to your hearts content to find out as little or as much info as you like.

Monitoring up to 5 Facebook accounts, SocialGuard alerts you of dangerous links on your wall, stopping you from potentially picking up viruses and other harmful components.

Make your children's Facebook use safe with the Zone Alarm SocialGuard 2012.

Product code: 875304

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Type Antivirus/Security
Media CD-ROM
Licence 3
Languages English
Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor requirements Minimum: 1 GHz