Sonos with your TV

PLAYBAR fills the room with expansive High Fidelity sound to perfectly compliment your HDTV. The PLAYBAR’S nine-speaker design delivers enhanced audio for games and movies, impressive live concert sound, and wireless streaming of all the music on earth.

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How do you want to use your PLAYBAR?

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Option 2: To improve the sound of your TV and to listen to music from other devices


How do you want to use your PLAYBAR?

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Sonos Playbar

Sonos Play 5

SOUNDBAR: Designed to keep the focus on the TV, PLAYBAR's modern one-piece design features a subtle matte cloth exterior and aluminium finishes. Can be wall mounted or simply place it on your TV stand. Simple to set up and control.

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PLAYBAR is perfect on its own but ready to welcome any new Sonos additions into the fold. Add a Sonos SUB for soul-shaking sound. The stunning Sonos SUB - designed to be compatible with Sonos PLAY and PLAYBAR systems – employs two face-to-face, force-cancelling speakers to fill the room with deep, thick sound so you can feel and hear every nuance of songs and movie audio.

Expand your experience You can even use the versatile Sonos speakers to create your own wireless home cinema system. By adding the SUB to the PLAYBAR you create an enhanced 3.1 home theatre setup. Add a stereo pair of Sonos PLAY 3s and you will have an incredible, compact 5.1 system. Place the speakers where you want and combine the power of your Sonos speakers in one immense unit.

Control your Sonos with the free App on your Smartphone.

Sono App


Control your Sonos Wireless HiFi System from your Smartphone with the free Sonos App.


Control and play your iTunes music direct from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch* with the free Sonos Controller App.

*iOS 6 required