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SONY SmartWatch 3 Classic SWR50 - Black
  • Compatible with Android
  • Water resistant
  • Monitors sleep
  • Wireless syncing via Bluetooth and NFC
  • FREE, fast delivery available
  • FREE collection available
Brief product description
Powered by Android Wear, the Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 offers smartphone notifications, health monitoring and more. Smart functionality Connect the SmartWatch 3 via Bluetooth or NFC to your Android phone to stay updated with incoming calls, texts,... Find out more

The next important evolution in smart on the go technology, the smartwatch takes mobile usability to the next level, keeping you connected wherever you are and effectively delivering smartphone functionality in a smaller, more convenient form. Its no wonder so many leading brands are entering the smartwatch market, but if you’re wondering which to plump for, the Sony SmartWatch is more deserving of your attention than most.

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is a sleek, classically minimal take on the smartwatch but, for all its stylish simplicity, this ingenious device packs in plenty of functionality. The Sony SmartWatch 3 connects to your Android phone via Bluetooth or NFC and keeps you up to date with all your incoming calls, texts, emails and app notifications with a discreet vibration. A simple swipe will then indicate whether you want to reply or dismiss the communication.

You can take advantage of a host of apps to optimise your day-to-day Sony SmartWatch experience and even customise its looks courtesy downloadable watch faces. The Sony SmartWatch also comes into its own as a health-monitoring device – with the use of easily downloaded fitness apps (like RunKeeper or MyTracks) and built in GPS functionality you can easily track you jogging and cycling routes and distances.

Stay tuned for the latest Sony SmartWatch deals and check out our full range of smart watches – including Apple Smart Watches – to assess the competition.

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