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Wake up to your favourite station with the Sandstrom SDABXCR13 DAB Clock Radio.Digital listeningThe fully tuneable radio produces crisp digital radio listening with the convenience of a FM tuner.There are 10 preset stations from both digital and... Find out more
The compact oak-finished Pure Evoke D2 Portable DAB Radio features FM and DAB radio tuners and offers the option to connect your smartphone or MP3 player. Premium sound quality Enjoy endless radio options with both DAB and FM tuners on the Pure... Find out more
Put the Roberts DreamDock2 DAB+/FM Clock Radio with Apple Lightning Connector by your bedside, in your living room or anywhere you want to listen to your favourite songs.DAB radio with dockTune in to a wide selection of stations using the powerful... Find out more
Enjoy your favourite radio stations in superior digital quality on the ultra portable Logik LRBDAB14 Portable DAB Radio.DABThe DAB radio uses a digital signal to pick up stations - this means the quality is immensely improved and your choice... Find out more
Stay connected to the music you love most with the Logik LHDAB14 Portable DAB Pocket Radio.Travel-friendly designThe Logik LHDAB14 Pocket Radio hosts 10 presets providing you instant access to your most favoured radio channels.The OLED display... Find out more
Wake up to your favourite tunes with the Goji GCRLIN15 Analogue Clock Radio with Apple Lightning Connector. iPhone 5 compatible Featuring a Lightning Connector, the GCRLIN15 will play and charge your iPhone 5 as well as 5C and 5s models, so you... Find out more

Radio technology has come on leaps and bounds from the early FM days, with DAB now as standard on most, and a host of other features available.

If you’re looking to shop with a budget then you’ll find a good number of cheap radios available for under £20, and even at that price range you’ll be able to get DAB technology, portable radios and good battery life if you don’t want to be restricted to mains supply.

Our range of DAB radios also have a wide selection, from simple radios to models that come complete with an Apple Lightning Connector so you can plug in your iPhone and play music directly from your music collection or streaming app. For a cross between a bluetooth speaker and a radio, a model with bluetooth technology will allow you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet for ultimate ease of use in the home.

For a selection of great models, take a look at our Roberts radios which include simple cheap radios, portable pocket sized radios, and fully fledged bluetooth enabled devices. Some models also come with CD players, perfect for anyone whose record collection began before the streaming era.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap radio or a high spec model, our range should have the right one for you.

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