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The Logik L2HDINT15 2m HDMI Cable is designed to optimise the performance of next generation HD devices.High speed connectionThis HDMI cable is enabled to work with your 3D TV as well as Full HD devices, and provides an excellent AV connection so... Find out more
Digital optical cables like the Logik L15DOC15 1.5m Digital Optical Cable allow you to transfer digital audio signals between devices in superior quality. Why not try out the L15DOC15 instead of using traditional analogue connectors.With 1.5 m to... Find out more
Quickly and easily connect your aerial to your Freeview box or TV with the Logik L2AERA15 Male Aerial Cable. The gold-plated connectors enhance signal transfer, whilst two layers of shielding reduces interference from surrounding devices. With a... Find out more
The Essentials C1HDMI15 HDMI Cable is ideal for connecting your TV to your Blu-ray or DVD player, games console or set top box.The nickel-plated connection is solid and reliable while the 3-layer shielding reduces interference from other... Find out more

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