Choose the correct TV size and design for your room and viewing experience from our TV range, with screen sizes from 19” to 85”.

You can fit larger screens sizes into more compact spaces thanks to the sleek and slim design of modern LED TVs. This allows you to increase the size of your TV screen without needing to make extra room. Slimmer TVs are also much easier to wall-mount.

It’s important to consider how far you’ll be sitting from your TV screen. With a range of screen sizes available, you can choose the right TV to suit the distance you sit from the screen.


Did you know?

Larger screen sizes take up less space than you might think. TV designs have evolved, and a modern 46” LED TV is approximately the same size as a 40” LCD TV from 2008. A larger screen can fit into the same space without taking up extra room.


TV designs are evolving to provide you with improved picture and sound quality for the best viewing. Look out for unique designs such as curved screens.

Curved TVs give everyone a great view no matter where they are sitting as they create a balanced and uniformed viewing distance. They offer improved viewing angles and higher contrast for a more true-to-life viewing experience.

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