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The Mac mini is a compact, yet impressively powerful desktop based computer. Used by anyone from developers to designers, the Mac mini houses the complete mac experience inside a 19.7cm-square frame. Simply connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse and you’re good to go.

The Apple Mac mini is beautifully designed and will look amazing in any home or office. And because it’s so small it won’t take up too much room, no matter where you keep it. If you need a reliable solution for video or graphics rendering, the Mac mini is the one for you.

With its superior Intel® Core™ i5 processor, the Apple Mac mini is fast and efficient, it can handle the tasks you throw at it. Each Mac Mini has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as standard, and uses a thunderbolt cable for incredible data speeds. As you would expect from Apple, there are several versions available from an affordable 500GB version to a high-end 1 TB version that is perfect if you need plenty of storage for your data.

If you’re looking for something different, make sure you check out the full range of Apple desktops and if you’re looking for an all in one Mac that looks as good as it performs, then check out our selection Apple iMacs.

If you want a desktop instead of a laptop, the Apple Mac mini is ideal.

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