Bose Solo

Broad, balanced sound

Sophisticated Bose® speaker array technology delivers a wide spectrum of sound from the Solo TV sound system. Its deceptively compact design recreates every frequency using proprietary digital signal processing to fill your room with impeccable audio.

Never worry about constantly changing volume levels - the system optimises and adjusts the sound to suit your content, keeping things even when quiet moments abruptly explode.

Added effects, music and dialogue

Added effects, music and dialogue

Whether you’re partial to comedy, drama or reality TV, your favourite programmes all feature considerably different audio content that needs to be replicated to suit their content.

The Bose® Solo system takes unmissable TV to a new level as dialogue is rendered with articulate precision and subtle, previously imperceptible sound effects emerge to elevate your everyday TV watching.

Single-speaker system

Single-speaker system

Ideal for setup underneath most TVs up to 81 cm and many up to 106 cm, the Solo home theatre speaker is physically unobtrusive, making it a fantastic audio choice for complementing your main entertainment room or in a second room such as the bedroom.

Simple set-up

Simple setup

Within minutes you’ll be able to enter a whole new world of audio entertainment – simply make one connection to your TV, plug the speaker into a power socket and sit back to enjoy first-class sound.

You’ll soon hear that there’s more to your favourite programmes than you previously thought possible as the speaker unveils every spine-tingling detail. Including a cable for easy TV connection and a straightforward four-button remote that lets you control the volume, mute and power functions, the Bose® Solo TV sound system puts you in charge while improving your home entertainment centre.

Bose Solo 15 Sound System
Bose Solo 15 base

Bass Control - Low notes how you like them.

Dramatic programs. Live concerts. Suspenseful series. There are times you just know you’ll want a little more bass when watching TV. Go ahead—you can adjust the bass control to your liking with the control knob on the back of the speaker.

Bose Solo 15 universal remote

Spacious Sound - The specifics behind the sound

So what’s inside this elegant, pedestal-style speaker? Plenty. Speaker arrays positioned at each end of the cabinet work with proprietary TrueSpace® technology for full, spacious sound. A dedicated center speaker—and digital signal processing—enables clear dialogue at any volume. It all adds up to deliver more detail and better sound from your favourite TV shows than you’ve heard before. And it’s much more than you could ever dream of from your HDTV alone.

Bose Solo 15 universal remote

Universal remote included

Thinking about your Blu-ray player or gaming system? We’ve got you covered there, too. We’ve included a universal remote to easily control both the system and most video sources connected to your TV.

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Comparison chart Solo 1 Solo 15
Can Support TVs up to 42" 50"
Remote Basic Universal
Bass Control dash tick
Optical input tick tick
Coaxial Input tick tick
R-L Audio Input tick tick

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