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With a Bose®multimedia speaker system, you can turn your computer into a home entertainment centre. Bose® proprietary technologies give you astonishingly full sound and natural performance.

Bose Companion 2
Ported cabinet design

Ported cabinet design

The most affordable computer speaker system that puts familiar, high-quality Bose® sound within your grasp, Companion® 2 multimedia speakers offers a ported cabinet design that delivers richer, more satisfying music and big, defined movie and gaming sound effects from within a small enclosure. Monitor interference and damage to magnetic media are avoided with magnetically-shielded speaker elements.

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Performance upgrade over most conventional computer speakers

With the Companion® 2 system, you’ll experience a spacious, dual-channel soundstage thanks to exclusive TrueSpace® stereo digital processing circuitry, perceptually extending past the speakers themselves. Sit at your computer and feel the full extent of the speakers’ proprietary sound reproduction, feeling the presence of enhanced lower frequencies than with comparable computer sound systems. With automatic tonal balance, true-to-life sonic output is possible almost all listening volumes. Enjoy maximum audio scope and definition for all your music, movies and games.

Contemporary, elegant appearance

Contemporary, elegant appearance

With a sleek, current appearance, the Bose® Companion® 2 speakers add a compelling visual accent to any desktop or PC setup. You’ll easily be able to connect a pair of headphones or adjust volume levels thanks to convenient, easily-accessible control and headphone jack placement.

Dual inputs for easy connection to computer and additional audio sources

Dual inputs for easy connection to computer and additional audio sources

Enjoy two simultaneous audio sources with convenient dual inputs, making it a breeze to connect your computer and MP3 player or other portable audio player. Simply attach the input cable and power cord, and be ready to play back high-grade audio over the Companion® 2 speakers, a multimedia sound solution that lets you hear more of what your computer can give.

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Comparison chart Companion 2 Companion 20 MusicMonitor Companion 3 Companion 5
Number of speakers 2 2 2 2 2
Acoustimass® module dash dash dash tick tick
Control pod dash tick dash tick tick
Dual inputs tick tick dash tick tick
Digital 5.1 audio playback dash dash dash dash tick
Remote control dash dash tick dash dash

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