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Enjoy your music with deep, clear sound

Listening to music on the go is easy. Having it really move you is the hard part. That's where SoundTrue™ headphones stand out. They coax more range and realism out of your music than you'd expect from typical in-ear headphones. Exclusive Bose TriPort® technology delivers natural-sounding lows, clear vocal and instrument tones—even at loud volumes—and an overall presence you'd expect from much larger headphones.

Better by design

Headphones for your active life

SoundTrue™ headphones are crafted with the well-articulated sound and sophisticated styling a person wants on the go. They produce deep, clear tones you may never have heard from conventional in-ear headphones. Plus, StayHear® tips provide a silicone-soft, conforming fit that keeps the headphones in place as you move about your day. Celebrate your style and your music with SoundTrue™ headphones.

Protective carrying case included

StayHear® Ear Tips

Wherever you listen, you don't want to bother with headphones that keep falling out. No worries with SoundTrue™ headphones, because they're designed to stay put. The proprietary StayHear® tips are made of soft, pliable silicone and conform to your ears' shape so they fit comfortably and snugly in place, hour after hour. You may even forget you're wearing them. So you can concentrate on your music, not on keeping the headphones in your ears. Plus, the headphones themselves are extremely lightweight, yet durable enough to stand up to on-the-go use. The flexible cable comes with a clothing clip for extra stability.

Bose soundtrue with case

Colour-coordinating protection

Colour-matching carrying case stores and protects headphones and accessories, and also fits your iPhone. With the 3-button inline remote, you can answer/end calls, switch between phone and music, select tracks and control volume on your iPhone.

Bose soundtru style

Your music. Your style.

The SoundTrue™ in-ear headphones come in different models to fit different needs. Our standard audio version lets you listen with just about any portable music device. We also offer two additional models customised for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Bose SoundTrue On Ear headphones

Advanced acoustic design for depth and clarity

Full-bodied sound is yours with the exclusive TriPort® headphone technology incorporated into Bose® SoundTrue On Ear headphones.

Even the lowest bass notes are delivered with breathtaking precision and satisfying impact, perfectly balanced with the headphones’ overall audio reproduction range.

Comfortable and lightweight

Comfortable and lightweight

Feel the enveloping, snug comfort of the SoundTrue On Ear headphones with a sleek design that keeps the earcups close to your head.

Your ears will be gently cushioned by the soft memory foam ear pads which subtly conform to their shape, while the contoured headband sits securely on your head without applying pressure.

With such a lightweight and ergonomic design, the music becomes the focal point as your almost forget the headphones are there.

Comfortable and lightweight

Integrated remote and mic for Apple devices

The SoundTrue Around Ear model is designed specifically for use with your iPhone and other Apple products. The integrated inline remote, located on the back of the microphone, lets you control music functions - adjust volume, play/pause tracks, skip tracks forwards/backwards, fast forward/rewind and change playlists. Want to chat with Siri? No problem, you can control voice applications, too. And you can take calls as well as switch between calls and music with one-touch ease. All without having to reach for your device.

Fold-flat design

Fold-flat design

Ideal for use while on the go or when travelling, the SoundTrue On Ear headphones feature a fold-flat design that enables them to slip easily into the included protective carry case.

Bose Soundlink bluetooth
Audio performance that immerses you in your music

Best in class performance

Get ready for performance that raises the bar for Bluetooth® headphones. Detailed and balanced sound you can enjoy everywhere you go. Bose® TriPort® technology works with Active EQ to deliver music as dynamic as our best wired headphones. You’ll hear the deepest lows to the clearest highs, without a wire in sight.

Improved ear cushions for hours of comfortable listening

Up to 15 hours of play time

With up to 15 hours of play time, you can listen to your favourite music, watch a movie, check out videos and still have plenty of power left. Get a full charge in just 1.5 hours by plugging the included USB cable into a wall charger or any device with a USB port. If the battery runs down, a quick 15-minute charge gives you another 2 hours.


Lightweight on-ear fit

The adjustable headband rests gently on your head, and ear cups rotate for a personalised fit. Soft cushions cradle your ears, and all materials are lightweight and built to last. The ear cups fold up to store in the compact carrying case. And there’s an extra cable, so you can plug in and listen if the battery runs out.


Fingertip controls

Get a call while you’re listening to music or watching a video? Just touch a button on the right ear cup and you’re instantly connected. Touch again to play, pause, skip and make calls. Roam up to 9 metres while connected to your smartphone and tablet at the same time. Voice prompts tell you battery life, connection status and who’s calling. So you can leave your smartphone in your pocket—or all the way across the room.

soundlink bluetooth connect

Hear and be heard

Phone conversations are clear with SoundLink® on-ear headphones—even if you’re on a noisy or windy city street. Dual microphones reduce background noise to make sure your voice is heard. And you’ll hear your caller’s voice clearly, because Bose® technologies automatically adjust your headphones’ volume as the noise around you changes.

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Comparison chart SoundTrue In Ear SoundTrue Around Ear SoundTrue On Ear SoundLink On Ear
Design In-ear fit Around-ear fit On-ear fit On-ear fit
Inline remote & mic cable for iPhone yes yes yes No
Carry case tick tick tick tick
Available colours Black, White, Cranberry Black, White, Mint, Black & Mint Black, White, Purple, Mint Black, White
Fold-flat design N/A tick tick tick
Bluetooth N/A N/A N/A tick

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