Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on your home or property when you’re away. They connect to your tablet, smartphone or PC using WiFi and allow you to view a live stream from the camera wherever in the world you may be.

Simply download the app or software to your device and connect the camera to the internet. You can choose to receive alerts or text messages straight to your tablet or phones when the camera picks up movement, so you can view, save and backup the footage for use at a later date.

Things to consider when buying a smart camera

Indoor or outdoor

Most smart security cameras are made for indoor use, so aren’t weatherproof. However, some can be used anywhere within your WiFi range, including outside. Look for ‘Suitable for indoor and outdoor use’ in the technical specs on our product pages.

Day or night use

If you want to use the camera in the dark, you should choose a camera that’s suitable for ‘day and night use’. These cameras feature night vision, so you’ll get a clear picture of your surroundings in even the poorest light conditions.

Picture quality

Smart camera picture quality is measured either in TV lines, or a normal screen resolution (TV lines is the number of vertical lines, spread horizontally across the image). The higher the number, the better quality the recorded images are.

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Mobile connectivity


Mobile connectivity

Smart cameras connect to your WiFi network, and rather than record everything that happens, they record when movement is sensed. You’ll receive an alert or email to your smartphone, so you can view a live stream or choose to save the event for viewing at a later date.


Most smart cameras have an app available that enables you to live stream and review footage. The apps are free to download, but just check they’re available for your device. Most require an Android, iOS or Windows tablet or smartphone.

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Reasons to buy a Smart Camera

Cost effective

If you only want to monitor and record activity around a single location such as your front door, a baby’s room or the garage, a smart camera is the most cost-effective way to make sure you can see what’s happening in or around your home.

Mobile viewing

Many smart cameras have motion sensors that record or send an alert to your smartphone, tablet or PC as soon as movement is detected. This means you can capture any activity as it’s happening, rather than trawl through hours of footage.

No installation

Smart cameras don’t need hardwiring, so can be moved around and setup as and when they’re needed. Some are designed to only be used indoors and are ideal baby monitors, while some work perfectly outdoors and in the dark for complete security.

Best Practice

Installing CCTV outside your home for security and peace-of-mind is well within your legal rights. However, there are a few things to think about before you install a home security system.


Any cameras you install must only be used for the purpose they are designed for. This means they can only be aimed at property you own, and cannot be pointed at a neighbour’s house, a public place or be used to violate the privacy of others.

CCTV cameras used for home security do not need to comply with the Data Protection Act. However businesses do, so legal advice is recommended before installing CCTV for business or professional use.

Digital video recorder

The only thing home users need to remember about the footage captured is that it cannot be shared online or with other people, unless used in a criminal investigation.

Businesses must keep all recorded footage secure and comply with the Data Protection Act.

If you use your home CCTV or smart camera for its intended purpose, you won’t run into any trouble.

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