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Enter the digital era with one of the music and video transfer systems at PC World. Our budget DVD maker systems enable you to burn video to high-res DVD format in seconds from sources like DVD players, VHS or camcorders. Whilst our array of turntables by ION sport USB connection for ease-of-use, our more upmarket turntable boasts an iPod docking station which transfers MP3 files straight to your iPod. For aspiring filmmakers, we offer an assortment of movie maker machines which include movie editing software.

Get that party started with our amplified speaker audio system which boasts an 8-hour battery life, plus a microphone and audio input for guitars, keyboards and more. TV addicts should take a closer look at our media streamer, where you’ll bring your entire living room TV experience to your laptop or desktop PC and vice versa!
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Confused by music and video transfer? Check out our Digital Transfer Buyer’s Guide for everything you need to know about JPEGs, MP3s, USB and more.