If you're looking for a complete new setup, or really want to make the most of your new PC, a new monitor can transform the way you work, create and game.

We've highlighted a few things you should think about to help you make the right choice.

Things to consider when buying a monitor

Screen resolution

All our monitors are capable of displaying Full HD pictures, so regardless of your budget or how much space you have, you can enjoy high-definition videos and browsing. All you need to do is connect your PC via HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort.

Some monitors feature 4K or Ultra HD displays and are ideal for serious gaming. Although you'll need a powerful PC to game in 4K, the quality and detail is way beyond anything you'll have experienced before.

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Response time

Response time refers to the delay between the computer and the monitor, such as how long it takes for a key press to appear on your monitor after it's been pressed. It's measured in milliseconds (ms), so isn't noticeable during normal computing, but it does have a big effect on gaming.

If you're gaming, look for a monitor with a response time lower than 5 ms. Some monitors feature response times up to 1 ms for gaming with no noticeable lag, no matter how intense the action gets.

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Whatever outputs your computer has, there's a monitor to suit. HDMI and DVI support Full HD images, while DisplayPort supports 4K and Ultra HD. If you have an older PC, look for a monitor with VGA support.

Some monitors also have a USB hub that lets you connect flash drives, hard drives and other accessories to your computer without having to root around behind the tower.

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