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FELLOWES Powershred 60CS Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Use the Fellowes Powershred 60CS Cross Cut Paper Shredder for your home shredding needs. Security at home Ideal for general home use, the 60CS shreds up to ten sheets of paper per pass as well as whizzing through staples, paperclips and credit... Find out more
FELLOWES Powershred 62MC Micro Cut Paper Shredder
Don't let your confidential documents fall into the wrong hands – ensure they are securely shredded with the Fellowes Powershred 62MC Micro Cut Paper Shredder.Superior securityThe Powershred 62MC Shredder offers the highest level of security,... Find out more
FELLOWES Powershred M-8C Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Keep your personal papers safe from prying eyes and ensure your data is destroyed effectively with the Fellowes Powershred M-8C Cross Cut Paper shredder.Paper cutIdeal for moderate use at home, the M-8C can hold up to 15 litres of shredded paper... Find out more
FELLOWES Powershred P-35C Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Fellowes Powershred P-35C Cross Cut Paper Shredder is designed for occasional home use and will cross-cut paper into 3.9 x 40 mm pieces, to ensure prying eyes don't get hold of sensitive information!The Fellowes Powershred P35C Cross Cut Paper... Find out more
FELLOWES DS-1 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
The Fellowes DS-1 Cross Cut Paper Shredder cross-cuts paper into 3.9 x 50 mm pieces, to ensure that confidential information doesn't fall into the wrong hands!Featuring a SafeSense mechanism, the DS1 Cross Cut Paper Shredder automatically stops... Find out more
FELLOWES Powershred 8MC Micro Cut Paper Shredder
Destroy unwanted data effectively with the Powershred 8MC Micro Cut Paper Shredder. Powershred 8MC is a great shredding device for use at home, guaranteeing that your personal information is safe from prying eyes once discarded. Capable of... Find out more
FELLOWES AutoMax 130C Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Shred documents quickly and efficiently with the Fellowes AutoMax 130C Cross Cut Paper Shredder.Cross cut shreddingTurning confidential documents into cross cut particles, the AutoMax 130C offers medium security for personal or light business use.... Find out more

Data protection and privacy has never been so important, and if you’re looking to keep your discarded documents as private as possible then a Fellowes shredder is the perfect addition to your home or office.

There are two main types of shredder; cross cut and strip cut. Fellowes shredders offer cross cut as standard on all of their models, with the difference being rather simple in that one shreds into strips and one into smaller pieces as it shreds across as well as down the page. If you’re looking for maximum security then a Fellowes shredder which can micro cut is the best choice, as the machine will shred into tiny pieces making it impossible to piece documents back together.

Bin capacity will also vary, so pay attention to this if you’ll be doing lots of shredding on a regular basis. Some stronger models will also be able to shred credit cards and even CDs. Our range of office shredders, designed specifically for business use, come with medium to high security levels and can shred multiple sheets at once, saving time in the working day.

Our selection of Rexel shredders have some good options for the home, with prices starting under £30 to give you great value as well as reassuring security for your private documents and photos.

Whether you need a shredder for your home or your office, our range has the right model for every budget and every requirement.

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