Why Us?

It’s not always necessary to replace your computer when technology moves on. We provide a number of upgrade services to improve the speed and performance of your PC or Mac computer - from upgrading your operating system to installing a home network, new hardware or software.

installation and upgrade



We’ll install your software on your existing computer and configure it to download the latest updates.

  • Choose your software
  • We'll install it
  • Just bring your PC in
  • Advice on upgrades


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We’ll install your new piece of hardware anything from memory and graphics cards to a printer or a broadband dongle. Anything more complex, like a motherboard or CPU, we’ll send it to our specialist lab.

  • Upgrade your computer
  • Improve performance and functionality
  • Mac and Windows covered
  • Secure recycling of old parts

from £35

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We’ll guide you over the phone or come to your home to help your set up a new network - or resolve any issues if it’s not working. Our advanced service includes securely setting up and configuring your network for up to five devices, such as your tablet, Smart TV and computer.

  • Set up your home network or single device
  • Connect your games console to broadband
  • Share files, printers and media files
  • Secure your network for privacy

from £25

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Lean on our experts for guides, tutorials, hints, tips and much more.

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