Get more out your PC with Intel® Inside.

Intel® is constantly striving to make your computing experience easier, faster and more intuitive. With a range of features built into different devices, the future is at your fingertips, literally!

Voice recognition

Dragon Assistant is the conversational personal assistant for your computer, designed for Intel® RealSense™ technology. With Dragon Assistant, enjoy the convenience and freedom of using your voice to control a device in an easy, intuitive dialogue. Just tell it to find content, get answers, play music, connect with friends, and more. It works seamlessly with many popular desktop applications and websites, and has a very friendly disposition. Its natural language understanding turns speech into action for a whole new interactive conversation.

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A Natural Extension of you

With multi-touch technology that lets you flick, zoom, and navigate intuitively, the user experience of a laptop will never be the same. In less time than it took you to learn how to count up to three, you can tap a play icon with a single finger, scroll over multiple pages of text with two fingers, and rotate your favorite photos with three fingers. And the best thing is multi-touch technology doesn’t make you jump through hoops; instead it allows the device it's on to keep up with your commands. It’s literally as quick and easy as a snap of your fingers!

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In the living room or conference room, it’s easy to share your screen

No cables. No clutter. Just Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi). Effortlessly stream movies from your Ultrabook or 2-in-1 device to your HDTV, play PC games on your home theater, or display a business presentation from your tablet on the conference room big screen. Whatever your needs, choose the technology that’s right for you.

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Get McAfee LiveSafe

Get McAfee LiveSafe service together with Intel’s built-in security technology. Protect your digital. Designed to fit the way you live, McAfee LiveSafe service combined with Intel’s latest built-in security technologies protects your digital life. McAfee security software brings you the deepest protection available by taking advantage of the security technologies built into the latest Intel processor-based PCs and devices.

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