Keep your memories safe and secure

Our computer, smartphone and tablet store all sorts of personal and important files for us. We use them for work, entertainment and learning, which means we build up a large library of files that we cannot afford to lose.

Team Knowhow Cloud Backup is an easy way to keep your photos, files and videos securely backed up online. Our easy-to-use software and apps will continue to backup your computer, smartphone or tablet without you having to remember.

Select your files or folders


We'll automatically back them up



The access them from anywhere

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What you get

cloud auto backup

Automatic back up

Choose the folders you want to back up from your Windows or Mac computer and we’ll automatically back them up whenever you make any changes.

Our Android and iOS apps allow you to back up the photos and videos on your tablet or smartphone.

access files on any internet device

Access files on the go from anywhere

You can view your files from any internet enabled iPad, iPhone, Windows phone or Android tablet and smartphone using the Team Knowhow Cloud app.

Or, from any computer you can access your files securely by going to


complete security

Private files stay private

Secure encrypted storage in our UK data centres, so all your files are kept safe and private.

share cloud content

Share files with friends and family

You can share files, photos and videos with friends and family, wherever they are, whatever the size.

24/7 protection

Sync your files

Files on one computer are automatically available on your other computers with no file restrictions.

24/7 protection

24/7 support

Support is available online, via email and over the phone 24/7, 365 days a year. We’ll answer any queries you have about your Cloud account.

At a glance

There are three sizes of storage to choose from. Below is a comparison of how many of one file you could store.

No. of devices Documents Photos Music Video
Tablet Cloud 200GB 2 devices - 40,000 photos 32,200 songs 80 HD videos
2TB 5 devices 1 million documents 400,000 photos 332,000 songs 800 HD videos
4TB 10 devices 2 million documents 800,000 photos 664,000 songs 1,600 HD videos

Figures based on approx. 6MB per song, 5MB per photo, 90 minutes per video.

Find the right Team Knowhow Cloud Storage sevice to suit you

Product comparison 200gb 50gb 2TBgb 500gb 4tb 1tb
1 Year £20 £40 £60
5 Years £100 £160
Storage size 200GB 2TB 4TB
Automatic back-up
Access your files from anywhere
Free App on your
smartphone or tablet
Share with friends
or family
Private files stay private
Free phone and
web support
Amount of
devices backed up
2 5 10
Synchronise files
across other computers
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Cloud Storage support

Lean on our experts for guides, tutorials, hints, tips and much more.

Find out more

If you’ve purchased one of our Cloud Services and need help, you can visit our Cloud Support page on the Team Knowhow website. Here’s where you’ll find articles on everything Cloud related; from setting up and managing your account to backing up files and using the briefcase.

Does Cloud Storage protect my files against viruses, ransomware & malware?

No, this product is not a substitute for virus protection. In most cases files infected with ransomware may be retrievable by restoring a previous version. Restoring previous versions must be done on a per file basis.

Click here for instructions on how to retrieve a file

For further guidance you can also watch our Cloud Video Tutorials on YouTube.Cloud Video Tutorials on YouTube.

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