Discover the perfect picture

OLED TV: Best. Picture. Ever.
-CNET, NOV. 2014

Discover the perfect picture

LG OLED 4K TV brings you the best picture quality imaginable with the purest blacks, most brilliant colours and clearest images. LG OLED 4K TV is The Ultimate Display.

4k resolution

Offering brilliant clarity and details that are truly amazing, ULTRA HD 4K resolution even looks good when viewed up close. ULTRA HD 4K is up to four times the resolution of Full HD.

33 million Colour Pixels

Unique Pixel. Incredible Colour.

With 33 million pixels, only LG OLED 4K TV can deliver the detail required for the most immersive viewing experience possible, enhancing both colour range and accuracy.

self-lighting pixel

Unrivalled picture depth.

OLED pixels are self-lighting, meaning they can switch on and off individually. This allows for a beautiful contrast range of the brightest whites and the darkest blacks for a picture of unrivalled depth.

Making TV Simple Again

With LG’s webOS platform, your Smart TV revolutionises the way you watch and experience entertainment on your 4K TV. This award-winning platform is simple, intuitive and free from complex technology, so you can enjoy Smart TV the way it should be. It includes some of the best 4K catch up TV as well as movies, sport and music services. The efficient and user-friendly webOS system is built with you in mind, making it easy to watch, find, launch and play content.


Picture perfect from virtually any angle.

Enjoy the widest viewing angles with no loss of contrast or distortion of colour with LG OLED 4K TV, the perfect display all-round.

Life-like colour

Captivating natural colours.

The self-lighting pixels in LG OLED 4K TV create true-to-life colours which deliver a captivating viewing experience.


The deepest blacks.

Unlike standard LED TVs, the LG OLED 4K TV delivers deep and dark blacks with infinite contrast. It uses self-lighting pixels to bring you even better picture quality.

Images for illustrative purposes only. LG Smart TV services are subject to availability and may vary across products, platforms and regions. LG Electronics UK works closely with content providers to ensure services are live and up-to-date across its range of Smart TV devices.