Microsoft Band 2

Start a healthier lifestyle with the Microsoft Band 2 and monitor your heart rate, calories burnt, sleep patterns and exercise routines. Boost your productivity with your email, texts and calendar alerts on your wrist at all times.1

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Live healthier and achieve more

Achieve your health goals with the Microsoft Band 2, which uses eleven sensors to offer insights into the way you train with Microsoft Health. The Microsoft Band 2 features a UV monitor, barometer, GPS and more help you understand your daily activity so that you can work towards and achieve your targets.

Top Features

Continuous optical heart rate monitor

Continuous heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate, calorie burn and sleep quality.

Supported Mobile Devices

Works with Window Phone, Android™ and iPhone®2

Fitness tracking

Tracking for running, biking, golf, and more.

Size yourself up

Microsoft Band 2 comes in three different sizes so you can find the most comfortable fit for optimum performance and comfort.

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Find your right size

To help you find the best fit, measure your wrist circumference with a tape measure, or print out the sizing guide on the right of this page and wrap it around your wrist. Then, reference the chart to find your size. If your wrist circumference falls between two sizes, choose the larger size for the most comfortable fit.
Important: Microsoft Band 2 fits differently than previous versions.

Live healthier

Use the Microsoft Band 2 to start living more healthily. With a continuous optical heart rate monitor, it tracks your heart rate, steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burnt, exercise and sleep quality, so that you see a clearer picture of your daily activities. Track your weight and compare it with historical data, and get actionable insights and useful fitness information in the Microsoft Health phone app and web dashboard.

Microsoft Health

Set wellness goals and get actionable insights to help you start living a more healthy life with easy to understand full-colour charts and graphs. As well as the convenient phone app, you can also use the robust web dashboard to track your day wherever you are.

Continuous Optical Heart Rate Monitor

Get a better understanding of your cardiac health, whether it’s your maximum heart rate while working out or your resting heart rate during downtime.

Sleep Quality

Understand your night-time movements with the sleep tracker which analyses your light and restful sleep cycles, your sleep restoration and sleep efficiency, and number of times you wake-up each night.

Weight Tracking

Hit your target weight milestones with weight-over-time tracking. It gives you a visual reference via the Microsoft Health app and makes it easier to reach your goals.

Get Fit

However you want to exercise, the Microsoft Band 2 makes it easier for you to reach your fitness goals with custom tracking. Microsoft Band 2 has you covered with GPS mapping and data tracking for the most popular exercises and metrics. Guided Workouts, designed by professionals like Nuffield Health and Men's Fitness, provide more variety with exercise prompts to help you stay motivated.


View a summary of your run, including heart rate, calories burnt, GPS coordinates, lap times, and personal bests. See recorded maps of your runs and analyse your data for ways to improve and adjust your routes to get the most out of each run.


Sensors measure your cycling heart rate, and deliver insights specifically tailored for both indoor and outdoor bike rides. Track speed, distance, elevation and personal bests.


The built-in GPS detects which hole you’re playing and provides distance to the top, centre and back of the green. Automatic shot tracking manages your scorecard.

Guided Workouts

See the difference with expertly-designed workouts from fitness brands like Gold’s Gym, Shape and Men’s Fitness. Keep track of your reps, calories burned and progress towards your goals.

Be Productive

Stay connected at a glance with the notifications that matter most. You can preview emails, calendar alerts, calls, text messages and social media updates. Stay organised with personal reminders you can set with your voice using Cortana.3

Email previews and calendar notifications

Keep your phone in your pocket or bag while you preview emails and get all your calendar notifications on the go.

Receive and reply to text messages

Get text messages right on your wrist. Reply instantly with a standard quick response like “I’ll call you later,” or create your own set of personal replies in the app.4 If you have Windows Phone 8.1, you can type responses using a virtual


Stay productive even when your phone is away with Cortana personal assistant and Windows Phone 8.1. You can reply to texts, take notes and set reminders with your voice directly from the Microsoft Band 2.

Smart notifications

The notification settings on your phone determine what will appear on your band. Decide to receive only texts and call notifications on your wrist or get your Facebook, Twitter, weather and finance updates too. Tap the Do Not Disturb icon to turn all notifications off.


Track your stocks without pulling out your phone. Create a watch list for selected stocks in the Microsoft Health app with your voice, powered by Cortana.5

Cross platform compatibility

Whether it's an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, Microsoft Band works seamlessly across platforms.4


See incoming calls and voicemail notifications on your band. Reply instantly with a standard quick response like "I'll call you later" or choose one that you've created in the Microsoft Health app.4 Tap the Do Not Disturb icon to turn all notifications off.


Time your laps or your entire workout with the stopwatch feature. Set the timer to keep track of time, whether it's keeping up the intensity for a set duration during your workout or timing a 15-minute power nap.


Real-time weather conditions and a 5-day forecast help you plan your week, so not even bad weather will disrupt your training regime.


Stay up to date on Facebook without having to check your phone. Get the latest status updates, comments and photo notifications on your band.


Tweets, mentions, retweets, messages and new followers - set your preference for notifications and see what you want to.


You can choose how you get alerts from your social channels, like Facebook and Twitter. Change the notification settings on your phone and they will sync automatically to your Microsoft Band.


No need to reach for your wallet. Enjoy coffee on the go with your Starbucks Card ready to scan right from your wrist.

Quick Read

Quick Read helps you read text, emails and other notifications, especially when you're on the go. A large font size and the rapid succession of words enable you to read messages while in motion and without having to scroll.

Advanced technology

Work towards completing all your health goals with Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health. The curved screen on your band makes it comfortable to wear while the eleven advanced sensors track your exercise, sleep and daily activity. The bright colour display is easy to see at any time of day so you’re not limited to when you can exercise. Receive hints and actionable insights to stay motivated with Microsoft Health that bases all suggestions on your data.

Built-in GPS mapping

Put away your phone or GPS device and concentrate on your golf game or workout. When you run, bike or hike, record your route and map it with your voice (powered by Cortana).5

UV monitor

Keep your skin protected and find out if you need to put on sunscreen with a built-in UV monitor that measures the UV index and helps prevent skin damage.


Track your fitness with precision thanks to a built-in barometer that measures elevation changes while hiking, biking, or just climbing stairs.

Microsoft Health

Set wellness goals and get actionable insights to help you live healthier. Microsoft Health combines your fitness data with the power of the cloud giving you actionable, personalised insights, empowering and motivating you to live healthier and achieve more and push yourself forward. Analyse your data in full-colour, easy to understand charts and graphs in the convenient phone app or the robust web dashboard to stay connected at all times, wherever you are.

Cross-platform compatibility

Have an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone? No sweat. Microsoft Band is designed to work just as well no matter what phone you own.

Microsoft Band USB Charging Cable

Stay powered up with an extra USB charging cable so you can keep one at home and one at work and always be ready for your next workout.

Golf Experience

Track your golf game with Microsoft Band and TaylorMade. Your band provides distance to the front, centre and back of the green while it tracks your strokes, steps, heart rate and calorie burn.

Technical specifications

Band material

Thermal plastic elastomer silicone vulcanite (TPSV)

Display size

32mm x 12.8mm

Display type



320 x 128 pixels

Battery life

48 hours of normal use6; advanced functionality like GPS use will impact

Average Charge Time

Full charge in less than 1.5 hours

Battery Type


Operating Temperature Ranges

-10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)

Maximum Operating Altitude



1 year limited warranty; additional statutory rights may apply in your country


Optical heart rate sensor
3-axis accelerometer
Ambient light sensor
Skin temperature sensor

UV sensor
Capacitive sensor
Galvanic skin response

Additional Technology

Haptic vibration motor


Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy)

Supported mobile devices

Works with Windows Phone 8.1 update, iPhone®: 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iOS® 8.1.2, and many Android™ 4.3-5.0 phones, with Bluetooth®

Charge cable connector

Custom charge cable

1 Microsoft Health app required; available in English only. Works with Windows Phone 8.1 update, iOS 7.1 or later, and Android 4.3-5.0 phones, with Bluetooth.

2 Works with Windows Phone 8.1 update, iPhone® 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iOS® 8.1.2 and Android™ 4.3-5 phones, with Bluetooth. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

3 Cortana only available with Windows Phone 8.1 update.

4 Instant quick response does not work with iPhone.

5 Works with Windows Phone 8.1 update, iOS 7.1 or later, and Android 4.3-5.0 phones, with Bluetooth. Cortana only available with Windows Phone 8.1 update.

6 Battery has limited recharge cycles and cannot be replaced. See