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Powerline kits are perfect for connecting non-wireless devices or devices where a cabled connection is preferred, such as Smart TVs, game consoles and desktop PCs. They work by sending your internet signal through the main electrical ring-circuit of your home, effectively turning any plug socket into an internet access point.

They are either sold as a double pack containing a sender and receiver or separately. There is no limit to the amount of receivers on a single network.

The sender unit is plugged directly into a mains plug with an Ethernet cable connecting it to the router. The receiver is then plugged into any free plug socket near the device you want to connect. Simply connect an Ethernet cable between the receiver and the device for a stable, wired internet connection.

Which powerline kit is best for you?

Powerline kit speeds vary from 200 to 650 megabits per second (Mbps), and are rated the same way as routers. 200 Mbps is fine for basic internet use, while 500 to 650 Mbps kits provide the speeds required for Smart TVs and game consoles.

Match your powerline kit with your router rating for optimal speeds and stability.


Some powerline kits support pass-through, a useful feature that allows you to continue to use the plug socket despite it containing a powerline plug.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have multiple electrical ring circuits in your home, a powerline kit will not work as the signal cannot pass between them.

Using a powerline kit with a surge protected multi-socket will significantly reduce the speed of your connection though this can be avoided by plugging the multi-socket into a powerline adapter with pass -through.

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