Range Extender

Range extenders, sometimes called signal boosters, offer a solution for homes or buildings that lack complete internet coverage.

By placing a range extender in the direction of poor reception but within the reach of your network, you can relay the wireless signal further, giving a better connection. This works well in homes with thick walls where your device can see the network but can’t connect.

A range extender can also be used to send your wireless signal into an open space or outside - perfect for lazy summer afternoons in the garden.

Which range extender is best for you?

Range extenders are rated like routers, from N150 to AC, making it easy to choose an extender that matches your router’s speed.

As they require no network configuration, range extenders are ideal for use with Sky routers and offer an instant solution to a weak WiFi signal.

You can find the router rating on the bottom or side of your router. If it is rated N150 or less it’s worth considering an upgraded router instead, as you’ll see faster speeds and a more stable connection along with improved range.

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