A router is the link between your home network and the internet, and allows you to connect the online devices in your home to the web. Routers let you connect to the internet wirelessly or with a cable.

Wired: If wired, most devices connect using an Ethernet cable. This is a universally compatible cable that works with computers, games consoles, TVs and much more. It provides a fast internet connection with excellent stability.

Wireless: Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices connect using WiFi, which provides access to the internet without any cables or wires. As long as you remain within the reach of the router, you’ll receive a quick, stable web connection wherever you are.

Types of router

Depending on your service provider, your router will either plug directly into your phone socket, or connect via a modem. If your old router plugs straight into the wall, you need an ADSL router. If it connects via a modem, look for a cable router.

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Which router is best for you?

Wireless routers have different ratings which determine their range and how fast they work. This can be found on the side or base of most routers and is worth checking if you’re having difficulties with your connection.

If you’re upgrading, think about what your family likes to do online and choose a router with a rating that lets everyone get the best from the web.

n300 routers


The router sent by your service provider will most likely be rated N300. They are suitable for use in a household with 2 to 4 internet devices and are great for everyday computing tasks such as browsing the web and social networking. However, they don’t offer optimal performance for high definition media streaming or gaming.

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n600+ routers


N600 routers and above are suitable for large homes or households with a multiple web connected devices. They support online gaming and HD streaming and offer excellent range.

Dual band

Dual band routers provide two signals at the same time, essentially working as two routers in one. One signal is a normal broadband signal suited to everyday internet browsing while the second is a faster connection delivering high speed internet specifically for gaming, streaming or downloading. This means that normal internet use is not slowed down by downloading or gaming and vice versa.

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AC routers


AC routers offer the ultimate connection for internet users with fibre optic broadband and high-speed connections. They offer the highest speeds available - perfect for online gaming, HD video streaming and fast downloads. AC routers can support over ten devices at once, making them ideal for well connected homes.

They also use beamforming, a handy technology that directs your wireless signal to specific devices within the house. Beamforming provides a much more stable WiFi connection for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Many new and upcoming devices support AC connectivity, making an AC router the easiest way to future-proof your home.

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