Discover the perfect picture

OLED TV: Best. Picture. Ever.
-CNET, NOV. 2014

Making TV Simple Again

With LG’s webOS platform your Smart TV revolutionises the way you watch and experience entertainment on your 4K TV. This award-winning platform is simple and intuitive - free from complex technology, so you can enjoy Smart TV the way it should be. It brings together some of the best 4K catch up TV as well as movies, sport and music services. The efficient and user-friendly webOS system is built with you in mind, making it easy to watch, find, launch and play content.

Simple Switching

Switch between live TV, apps and your external devices, all from one place wherever you are whilst using LG's intuitive Magic Remote.


With LG’s intuitive Magic Remote, you’ll be able to switch between live TV, apps, and your external devices without hunting for the other remotes.


Access a growing world of entertainment

Find and enjoy what you want to watch instantly in one place. Live TV, On-Demand services and apps - they're all incredibly easy to find. You can also receive recommendations that introduce you to even more great entertainment on LG webOS TV.

Your search for new and exciting entertainment is over. Find everything you want to watch in the LG Content Store, the one-stop-shop for TV programs, On-Demand Movies, 3D content, apps and more.

Simple Connection

LG webOS TV is designed to assist you in every aspect of your viewing experience from the initial setup to connecting external devices. Now simply get connected to your new Smart TV!

Input Assist

Plug and play on with a helpful pop-up screen that instantly appears when you connect a new device. External devices can also be accessible through the Input Picker found on the right top of Home screen.

Fun Setup

With the charming BeanBird on hand to deliver stress-free assistance, setting up your TV can be easy and fun. You can also use the Quick Setting function at any time to simply adjust your settings.

Images for illustrative purposes only. LG Smart TV services are subject to availability and may vary across products, platforms and regions. LG Electronics UK works closely with content providers to ensure services are live and up-to-date across its range of Smart TV devices.