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About Panasonic Smart Home.

Panasonic Smart Home is an ever-expanding network of devices that keep you secure, let you monitor your property on the go, and make your life easier. You control and monitor all of these devices using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The Smart Home app lets you view live streams from cameras, check the status of windows and doors, turn appliances on and off, and more.

All of the Smart Home devices work together. For example, you can receive a notification and view a live stream of your home if a motion sensor is detected or an alarm is triggered. However you want to secure and monitor your home, Panasonic Smart Home has a solution.

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Getting started with Panasonic Smart Home

Panasonic Smart House

What is Smart Home

Panasonic Smart Home is a home monitoring and control system that comes with the benefits of simple installation and easy operation. Whether you use it to monitor your home while you’re away or to simply switch appliances on and off, it gives you control of your home from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

There’s no monthly subscription fee and a wide range of available devices and accessories enables you to extend the system at your own pace.


The benefits of Panasonic Smart Home

Benefits of Smart Home

The Smart Home system is incredibly easy to install. One-push pairing means you simply press a single button on each device to connect it to the network; that's it. All Smart Home devices communicate with each other using a dedicated wireless network that's invisible to regular consumer electronics products, so they can’t be disrupted by other connected devices in your home.

The Panasonic Smart Home system works up to a maximum of 300 metres, so it covers most homes with ease.

Easy to use and setup
Panasonic Smart Home - Easy to set up

Easy Setup

Since the Panasonic Smart Home system works wirelessly, it’s amazingly easy to set up. You simply connect the Hub to your network, download the control app to your smartphone, and pair each device to the Hub.

Even pairing is simple. One-push pairing means you just press one button on each device and one button on the Hub, devices can also be registered via the app on the smart devices and that’s it. It’s equally easy to connect extra Smart Home devices if you decide to add some.

Panasonic Smart Home - Easy to use

Easy to use

Every part of the Panasonic Smart Home system can be fully controlled from your smartphone or tablet using the intuitive Smart Home app. This app handles everything, including live feeds from your cameras, switching lights on or off via your smart plug, and alerting you if any window or motion sensors are triggered. It can even play lullabies into your child’s bedroom.

Runs on a connection safer than Wi-Fi with a 300 metre range
Panasonic Smart Home - Safer than WiFi

Safe connection

Unlike normal online devices, Panasonic Smart Home devices communicate with each other using a DECT Ultra Low Energy (ULE) wireless network that's invisible to smartphones, tablet and PCs. This offers a stable, interference-free connection with a superior range.

Panasonic Smart Home - Going the distance

Going the distance

Remarkably, the Panasonic Smart Home system works over a range of 300 metres. This means your cameras, sensors and smart plugs will be able to communicate with each other - and be controlled by you - no matter how big your home or garden.

No monthly fees

There are no monthly subscription charges with Panasonic Smart Home. The Smart Home app is free to download, and there are no extra hidden fees or chargeable extras to worry about.*

*Data charges may apply

Pansonic Smart Home - No monthly fees

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The products that make up Panasonic Smart Home

Smart Home’s sophisticated network technology lets you adapt and expand your system to suit your changing needs. You can custom-build your perfect system using any of the device combinations shown in the diagram. Panasonic is working on many other devices that will all be able to slot seamlessly into your network once they’re available.

Smart Hub
Panasonic Smart Hub

The Hub sits at the heart of your Panasonic Smart Home and connects wirelessly to all your other Smart Home devices. It can be set-up through one push pairing and communicates with other devices as far as 300m away. It can also record footage from triggered Smart Home Cameras to an SD card.

Outdoor Smart Camera
Panasonic Outdoor Camera

Introducing your personal entry

As well as boasting a compact weather-proof design, the Panasonic Smart Home Camera films in colour, has an infrared night mode and can stream live footage to your smartphone or tablet. You’ll receive an alert if the camera spots trouble, whilst a built-in microphone allows for two-way communication. Video and images can even be recorded to an SD card in the Smart Home Hub.

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Smart Plug

Truly remote control

With the Panasonic Smart Plug you can use your smartphone to turn your home’s electrical devices on and off no matter where you are.

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Indoor Smart Camera

Keeping an eye on what matters

The Smart Home indoor camera lets you keep an eye on everything that goes on in your house. The camera can send alerts to your smartphone or tablet when motion, sound and temperature changes are detected, while a built-in speaker lets you talk directly to anyone in earshot.

You can even tell the camera to ignore areas of the image so that, for example, your cat won’t keep triggering alarms as it strolls across the kitchen.

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Motion Sensor

Sensors for security in motion

As well as detecting intruders and activating alarm sirens or cameras, Smart Home Motion Sensors can be used to set up a range of useful home automation chains. For instance, a triggered motion sensor on the stairs could switch on a light connected to a Smart Plug in the downstairs hall.

You can adjust the Motion Sensor’s sensitivity too, so that it’s not accidentally triggered by family pets.

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Door & Window Sensors

An open and shut case

Despite taking just seconds to fit, the Smart Home Door/Window sensors can provide an effective home security solution.

Because they connect wirelessly to all the other devices via the Hub in your Smart Home system, a triggered door/window sensor could be set to do everything from sending an alert to your smartphone to switching on lights and triggering a loud alarm siren.

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Loud and proud

Indoor Sirens can be set to activate in response to any triggered motion sensor, camera or door/ window sensor. Once active, the siren puts on a flashing light and emits noise that no intruder (or sleeping member of your household) could ignore. If the high volume setting of 110dB is too much for you, a quieter setting is also available.

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Panasonic Smart Home starter kits

KX-HN6012EW - Home monitoring and control kit

Enjoy peace of mind and home security with the Panasonic Smart Home Monitoring & Control Kit. The Monitoring & Control Kit offers wireless monitoring of your home, so you can be reassured that your home is secure wherever you are.

This kit includes:

  • Smart Hub
  • Door Sensor x2
  • Indoor Smart Camera
  • Smart Plug
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KX-HN6011EW - Home Safety Kit Plus

The Panasonic Smart Home Safety Starter Kit Plus is the ideal starting point for any smart home. Once you've mastered the Safety Starter Kit, you can custom build your system and create the perfect combinations by connecting to other Smart Home devices, like cameras and alarm sirens.

This kit includes:

  • Smart Hub
  • Door Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Siren
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KX-HN6010EW - Home Safety Starter Kit

Protecting your family has never been easier thanks to this Home Safety Starter Kit. Triggered window/door and motion sensors send alerts to your smartphone, tablet or landline, so you’re always informed if anything happens at home.

This kit includes:

  • Smart Hub
  • Door Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
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