Telephone accessories

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LOGIK LADSLF15 ADSL Broadband Filter
Share your broadband and telephone connections through a single wall socket with the Logik LADSLF15 ADSL Broadband Filter.The filter helps to reduce interference, fits any standard UK phone jack and has a 10 cm connecting cable. Find out more
LOGIK LUFEX1015 Modem Extension Kit
Extend your phone and modem connection options with the Logik LUFEX1015 Modem Extension Kit.The kit includes a dual socket adaptor for phones and modems, a phone to modem adaptor and self-adhesive cable management pads.A flat 10 m cable makes it... Find out more
LOGIK LTD0B15 Telephone Socket Adapter
Turn your telephone socket into a dual outlet with the Logik LTD0B15 Telephone Socket Adapter.Suitable for use with both telephone and modem connections, it converts a single telephone socket to allow you to connect two devices simultaneously. Find out more
LOGIK LTEX1515 6P4C Male to 6P4C Female Cable - 15 m
Replace or extend your telephone connection with the LTEX1515 6P4C Male to 6P4C Female Cable.Featuring 6P4C male and female connectors, you can use the fifteen metre long cable to position your telephone further from the wall socket. Find out more

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