Photo paper

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Good quality photo paper can be the difference between a standard print and a professional quality looking photo. With the move from traditional to digital cameras complete, the days of needing a printing service are over if you have a printer in your home.

When buying your photographic paper, you’ll see that many of the options come with a GSM rating. The GSM rating quite simply stands for ‘Grams per Square Metre’, and is an easy way of judging the quality of your photo paper. The higher the GSM, the heavier and usually better quality the paper will be. You can also choose between a matt and a gloss finish depending on your preferred style.

Canon are well known for their market leading cameras, and they also produce a range of good quality canon photo paper. Again available in matt or gloss finish and with a high quality GSM rating they’re a solid option for all photo printing needs. Don’t forget too that although you may be buying A4 paper, you’ll rarely be printing a whole page, meaning a pack of 50 sheets would be good for 100 regular sized pictures if printing at least two at a time.

With privacy an ever increasing concern for many households and families, our collection of shredders are a perfect way to ensure that any prints which don’t make it onto the mantelpiece can be disposed of securely and tidily, along with any documents you may wish to dispose of as well.

Whether you’re putting together a family album or printing the odd picture, home printing on photographic paper is a perfect solution.

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