The projector buying guide

If you love films and TV or want the most immersive gaming experience possible, a projector is a great-value alternative to a large screen TV (can you imagine the price of 300" TV?). A projector is ideal for business too, as they can be setup in seconds and deliver crystal clear presentations without fuss.

We've created this guide to let you know what to look out for when buying, so you can find the perfect projector for your home or business. If you want to see them for yourself or talk through your options, why not call into your nearest store for chat.

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What will you use your projector for?

Home cinema & gaming

Home projectors are all about getting the best from your films, TV and games consoles. Capable of displaying pictures from around 30” to a ridiculous 300”, it’s easy to create an authentic cinema experience without the sticky floor and cramped seating.

If you’re into gaming, look out for specialised gaming projectors to experience your favourite titles in Full HD across your entire wall. We even have 3D projectors for the most immersive home cinema experience possible.


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Business use

Business projectors are designed to get your message across as simply and clearly as possible. Whether you’re using a laptop, tablet or desktop, there’s a projector for you.

Look out for wireless connectivity or HDMI ports so you can hook up the latest devices in seconds.


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Portable projectors are compact, easy to carry and can connect to your devices in seconds. Perfect for watching films when travelling, viewing photos from your tablet or sharing ideas in a meeting, they give you big screen media wherever you are.

Some even feature rechargeable batteries, so you can view and share your content anywhere - perfect travelling or getting a sneak-peek of your action cam footage outdoors.


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Things to consider before buying a projector

Brightness (lumens)

Brightness is measured in lumens, and determines how bright the overall image can be. If you're planning on using your projector in a well-lit room, or one with lots of natural light, a projector with a higher lumens count will provide clearer images and better contrast.

Contrast ratio

Contrast ratio determines the difference between the darkest and lightest images a projector is capable of displaying.

A contract ratio of 5000:1 means the brightest part of an image will be five thousand times brighter than the darkest.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the shape of the image displayed:

4:3 - standard PC monitor

16:9 - widescreen TV

16:10 - slightly wider, cinema style image

While you can display a 4:3 source image on a 16:9 or larger screen, it will appear stretched.

Screen resolution

Screen resolution refers to the total pixels in an image; the first number is horizontal pixels, the second vertical. Resolution (1280 x 1980 etc), historically projectors have used the same format as computer monitors:

Full HD - 1280 x 1080, SXGA - 1280 x 102

WXGA - 1280 x 800, XGA - 1024 x 768

SVGA - 800 x 600, WVGA - 800 x 480

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