Portable projectors

Portable projectors are small, light and can be carried anywhere. They are available in two sizes - Pico and Palm: Pico projectors are easily carried in a pocket and are great for quickly sharing ideas on the go. While Palm projectors are slightly larger, they often feature higher screen resolutions and brightness. They’re perfect for business and occasional home use as they can be dropped into a bag and taken to meetings without worry.

There a few things to think about before choosing to make sure you get the right features for you.

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Things to consider before buying a projector

Brightness (lumens)

Due to the size of the bulb, portable projectors aren't as bright as larger ones. However, the short screen throw and ample contrast ratio make text, diagrams and charts stand out perfectly.

While video doesn't look as good as it would on a home projector, they are perfect as a tool for sharing ideas and presentations.


Certain portable projectors feature a built-in rechargeable battery, so the only thing you need to connect is the USB cable to your device. While not ideal for watching films, they're perfect for checking out the footage from action cams when out adventuring or sharing ideas in impromptu meetings.


Screen resolution determines the quality of the picture displayed on the wall or screen. Portable projectors sacrifice screen quality for portability - they are more suited to sharing static images like tables and text.

If you're expecting to watch a lot of videos, consider business or home projectors as the improvement in screen resolution is dramatic.

Screen size

Although portable projectors are capable of displaying smaller screen sizes than their larger counterparts, they can still create much larger images than most TVs.

The smallest projector displays screen sizes from a tiny 12" to a considerable 120", which is more than enough to get your point across in an impromptu meeting.