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Projectors for business are designed to deliver your content clearly and easily. Unlike older versions, modern projectors easily connect to all your portable devices, so there's no need to worry about whether the meeting room has an HDMI to VGA adapter, or whether you need to spend time trying to figure out how to connect your tablet.

Read more about the key things to think about when choosing your perfect business projector.

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Things to consider before buying a projector

Brightness (lumens)

The brighter the room, the brighter the projector should be. Most offices are bright and artificially lit so you should look for a projector with at least 3000 lumens.

Most business projectors meet this requirement with some being even brighter – these projectors are ideal for very bright or large rooms.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is the different between the darkest and brightest parts of a picture. A contrast ratio of 1000:1 means that the lightest colours on screen are one thousand times brighter than the darkest.

A higher contrast ratio gives a better distinction between blacks and lighter colours, making text easier to read and graphs and images more clearly defined.


If you like to use videos or a lot of images, a high definition projector will really help your presentations come to life. If you only work with text or diagrams, a lower resolution will be fine.

Traditionally, the resolution of business projectors was measured using a different scale. We list this alongside the more familiar ‘TV' layout, so you can find the right one if you're used to the older format.


Older projectors connect to your PC using a VGA port. Most computers now feature HDMI ports instead of VGA, so HDMI connectivity is a must if there isn't a permanently connected PC in the room.

Some projectors feature MHL and wireless connectivity that make sharing presentations and video from your tablet, laptop and mobile simple - perfect for a busy or well-connected office.

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