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We want you to enjoy using your new desktop computer for years to come. Your manufacturer’s product guarantee provides cover for mechanical and electrical breakdown but will be limited to a year and may not cover parts or breakdown through mishap.

One of the best ways of protecting your desktop computer now and in the future is with a Repair & Support Plan; providing peace of mind should the worst ever happen.

With a Repair & Support Plan you’ll benefit from a 7 day repair promise and unlimited repairs. You have the option to pay once for 2 or 3 years protection or you can choose to pay as you go.

Key benefits:

  • Protection against breakdown or mishap
  • We’ll fix or replace with new
  • All parts and labour charges covered

Ask yourself these few simple questions:

  • Will you be storing lots of work or personal information on your desktop?

  • Do you sometimes eat or drink when you are sitting at your desktop

  • Do you agree the cost to fix or replace a desktop is expensive?

  • If required, would you want an experienced engineer to fix your desktop?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, don’t leave things to chance. A Repair & Support Plan will give you the peace of mind you need should anything go wrong.


Protection against breakdown
Whether it’s a keyboard malfunction, motherboard failure or hard drive meltdown, if your computer breaks, we’ll fix it.
Protection against mishap
We don’t expect you to wrap your desktop in cotton wool. If your product suffers a mishap, we’ll fix it.
Fast fix
We’re so confident we can repair your computer quickly we’ve made a promise – if we fail to fix it within 7 days you can ask for a replacement.*
You won’t pay a penny more
No expensive charges for parts, labour or call out – we’ll pay for them all. And if no fault is found you’ll not be charged.
We’ll fix or replace with new
If we are unable to repair your product, we’ll give you a brand new one.
Unlimited repairs
There’s no limit to the amount of repairs you can have, we’ll always be there to help.
Request a replacement
If your product goes wrong again after the 3rd repair, you can request a replacement.
24/7 freephone help & advice
From wireless woes to Windows worries, our team of experts at our UK based Contact Centre are on hand to take your calls, all day, every day.
Computer healthcheck every year
To keep your computer running up to speed and to maintain its performance, you’re entitled to an annual computer healthcheck.
Virus & spyware removal
If you suspect your computer has a virus, bring it into a store and our experts will run a comprehensive scan to remove it.
Data recovery
Whether you’ve lost a precious file, photo or everything on your hard drive, our Team Knowhow experts will attempt to retrieve and restore it.
Worldwide protection
If your computer breaks down whilst you’re abroad, don’t worry we can help.

*7 day repair promise starts from when we collect your item or when you drop your item to one of our stores.

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Protect your product with a Repair & Support Plan:

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