A rich tradition of transforming lives through sound

Engineering, craftsmanship and passion

From building Japan’s first transistor radio in the 1950s, inventing portable audio with the Walkman, to creating the world’s first CD player and the premium headphones and speakers of today. Throughout its history, Sony has had a rich tradition of transforming lives through sound.

Where inspiration meets hardware

A vision of synergy between media and technology led Sony to partner with CBS records in 1968. The innovative new company hired outsiders, focused on finding new talent, and helped pioneer the CD format. Since then, the symbiosis of music and technology has enabled Sony to stand out in the world of audio.

Sony Engineers collaborate with Musicians

Headphones from expert ears


Sony are still maintaining this unique relationship with the music scene. Working with Magnetic Man, Katy B and The Script for the musicians’ perspective. The result? An audiophile’s delight.

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1979: the Walkman takes music mobile


At a time when most people listened to records at home, the ability to have your music portable and personal was revolutionary. The Walkman would sell over 180 million units worldwide. Sony are still revolutionising how to best keep you permanently connected to your music library, most recently introducing the unique W series Walkman which lets you take your music swimming with you.

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This is sound, transformed


Sony technology is transforming the way you listen, into sound that moves your soul. This is sound that brings you into the game, rocks your party with deep bass, and elevates notes into moments of rare beauty. Enjoy your favourite music in the comfort of your home or let your music follow you wherever you go with a portable wireless speaker.

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From the modest Walkman® to high-end Hi-Res audio, Sony sound technology consistently brings innovation and satisfaction to your listening experience.

sony hi res audio

Hi-Res Audio - music as you’ve never heard it before

Remember how HDTV transformed your viewing experience? Now High-Resolution Audio from Sony will take your listening enjoyment to a similar thrilling new level. It really is like being in the recording studio or at a live performance, letting you discover subtleties and clarity of sound that bring your favourite tracks to life.

Behind superior Sony sound

Speakers evolved

Magnetic fluid

Magnetic fluid originated at NASA, but Sony is the first to apply it to home audio. By eliminating the damper, it reduces the gap between voice coil and diaphragm, resulting in better signal transfer, reduced distortion - and smaller speakers.

Listening, tailored


ClearAudio+ optimizes music playback for different devices, so whether you’re listening on your Xperia™ phone, Walkman®, or VAIO® computer, your music will sound its best.

Amplification optimised

S-Master HX digital amplifier

The latest S-Master HX digital amplifier reduces distortion and noise at all frequency ranges, from ground-shaking lows to delicate highs, making the sound as clear as possible.