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Watch your favourite series and films as though you were at the cinema by mounting your big screen television to the wall with this secure TTAP TTD804FLP Fixed TV Bracket. Slim and compact, the TV bracket supports up to 65 kg of equipment. This... Find out more
Make the most of your viewing entertainment with this TTAP TTD404F Fixed TV Bracket. Ideal for big screen televisions up to 50“, it allows you to position your screen at the perfect viewing angle. Easy to install, the TTD404F Fixed TV Bracket... Find out more
The TTAP TTD202DA1 Full Motion TV Bracket can be folded back against the wall when not in use, saving you valuable space.Tilt your television and swivel it up to 90 degrees for the best viewing angles from wherever you are in the room.This TV... Find out more
  Suitable for movie nights or watching sports matches with friends, the TTAP TTD404DA1 Full Motion TV Bracket lets everyone in the room get the best viewing angle with its tilt and shift movement range. This TV bracket adjusts up and down as... Find out more
Mount your television with the TTAP TTD202DA Full Motion TV Bracket.Providing flexible manoeuvring the stand can tilt +/- 15 degrees and swivel 45 degrees left or right, so you can position it perfectly.The TTD202DA is suitable for televisions... Find out more
Streamline your living room by mounting your LCD or LED TV with this ultra-thin TTAP TTD202F Fixed TV Bracket. Designed to mount your TV as close to the wall as possible, the TTD202F Fixed TV Bracket is a smart space saver and adds a stylish... Find out more
Create a cinema-like experience by mounting your big screen TV to the wall with the TTAP TTD604DA1 Full Motion TV Bracket. Watch television from any angle thanks to an extending arm that lets you pull out your TV and tilt or swivel it in the... Find out more
Suitable for timber stud walls and partitions, the TTAP TTD101DA Full Motion TV Bracket lets you swivel and tilt your television for the best viewing position anywhere in your home.Easy to mount, this TV bracket also lets you hide cables behind... Find out more
This easy-to-install TTAP TTD101F Fixed TV Bracket is suitable for putting a small TV in your kitchen or bedroom. The Fixed TV Bracket helps you maximise space - mount your TV just 15 mm from the wall. It's suitable for TVs up to 24", perfect... Find out more
Save space and set up your TV for the best viewing angle and sound with the TTAP TTD404FLP Fixed TV Bracket. Easy to install, this Fixed TV Bracket lets you wall-mount a TV between 26” and 50” in your lounge, bedroom or wherever suits your... Find out more
Kick back and relax with your TV safely mounted to the wall –  with its compact, single horizontal bar design, the TTAP TTD404TLP1 Tilt TV Bracket lets you save precious floor space and enjoy the best viewing angles. Simple to install, this... Find out more
Maximise valuable space in your home, and enjoy clear viewing angles with the TTAP TTD404T1 Tilt TV Bracket. Suitable for large LCD and LED televisions and monitors, this Tilt TV Bracket is easy to mount and comes with everything you need to... Find out more
Angle your TV in the most comfortable direction with this solid TTAP TTD101TS1 Tilt and Swivel TV Bracket. Designed to free up space and provide the best viewing positions, this easy-to-install Tilt and Swivel TV Bracket is suitable for mounting... Find out more
Make your LCD or LED television the centrepiece of your living room and enjoy clear and unobstructed viewing. Easy to install, the TTAP TTD202T1 Tilt TV Bracket lets you maximise space while ensuring that you watch television at the ideal angle.... Find out more
Secure your television to the wall and enjoy your favourite shows from the best possible angles. Easy to install, this TTAP TTD202TS1 Tilt & Swivel TV Bracket gives you viewing flexibility. Turn your TV right or left or adjust it up and down to... Find out more
Mount your television with the TTAP TTD604FLP Fixed TV Bracket.Packaged with all the necessary fixings it is simple to install and suitable for televisions between 32” and 63” and up to 65 kg.Keep your TV secure with a locking bar, while the... Find out more
Mount your television with the TTAP TTD604T1 Tilt TV Bracket, which tilts up to +10°.Packaged with all the necessary fixings it is simple to install and suitable for televisions between 32” and 60” and up to 35 kg.Keep your TV secure with a... Find out more

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